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Deploy the channels that are most relevant to your business. Collect real-time feedback and engage with your customers on their preferred channel of choice – all from a single platform.

Brochure: Channels

Learn How Channels Management Impact Your Business

In this brochure learn about each of the different channels that the Loop Experience Platforms. Learn what each of the channels do, and how you can leverage the channel to improve your business. 

Channel Management

The channel management capabilities in the Loop Experience Platform enables the rapid configuration, branding and deployment of channels to engage with customers across any touchpoint and journey.

Explore Our Channels

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Collect high-volume feedback offline with kiosks and capture valuable contact information to engage and recover at-risk customers in-the-moment. Learn More.

Email Channel Violet


Leverage one of the core universal communication channels to engage with your customers and seamlessly transition to other engaging channels. Learn More.

SMS Channel Violet


Engage with your customers on the most widely adopted channel in North America with extremely high conversion rates in all industries. Learn More.

WahtsApp Channel Graphic


Create a Business Profile and engage with 1.5B people worldwide using the Loop Inbox. Learn More.

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Facebook Messenger

Connect your Facebook Pages and manage your Facebook Messenger conversations within the Loop Inbox. Learn More.

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Twitter Direct Messages

Connect your Twitter account and respond to Twitter DMs in real-time from the Loop Inbox. Learn More.

Web Channel Button


Integrate and embed Loop using our Web Digital Channel. Learn More.

Mobile Channel Button


Integrate existing and emerging channels into our platform. Learn More.

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Use the Digital Link Channel to engage customers and clients through links and QR Codes. Learn More. 

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