Loop Experience Platform: Improve Your Customer Experience Program

The Loop Experience Platform has multiple hardware, software and promo-ware solutions to improve your customer experience program. Close the loop on feedback collected from customer to make data driven decisions to improve the customer journey, reduce churn and improve revenue. 

Loop Products and Channels

Software Solutions Powered by Loop

The Loop Experience Platform is flexible and includes multiple applications, add-ons and channels of engagement. Get started quickly and grow with Loop over time by adding more solutions as your program matures and your needs change. Collect customer feedback, engage with customers, and deployment more channels.

Survey Feedback
The Loop Experience Platform

Closing The Loop on Customer Experience Feedback

Learning how to have a successful CX program is essential to having a successful business. The Loop Experience Platform has a range of products to help you improve your CX program. In this brochure you will learn about the different products and how they work to increase customer perception of your brand. 


Our Core Applications for Customer Experience & Engagement

Deploy a single application or multiple applications to fit your needs. Applications in Loop are integrated seamlessly providing a great user experience and increased productivity as an all-in-one customer experience and engagement solution.

Deliver a better customer experience

Loop Feedback

Collect Feedback with Surveys

Collect customer feedback and measure the customer experience including loyalty, satisfaction and effort by touchpoint.

A shared inbox for business text messaging

Loop Messaging

Business Messaging

Engage with your customers on their preferred channel of choice and collaborate with your team more efficiently.

A shared inbox for business text messaging

Loop Tickets

Ticket Management

Close the loop on feedback with ticket management and leverage automation. Report back on all ticket functions. 


Additional Capabilities for Your Program

Loop add-ons are are a great complement existing solutions and products or sharing customer experience insights in real-time as well as for delivering a superior customer experience.

White Insights Product Graphic

Loop Insights

Understand Your Data

Understand and analyze the data you are collecting through survey projects, conversations and tickets. Use real-time scoreboard projects to display results for your locations, and motivate front-line staff to achieve customer satisfaction metrics. 

Leverage role-defined custom dashboard projects to view the data that matters most to the business. 

Available Channels

Manage All Channels of Engagement From One Centralized Platform

With Loop’s channel management capabilities, it is easy to manage a variety of channels from one centralized platform including traditional, digital, social media and messaging apps so that you can truly engage everywhere.

Traditional Channels

Engage With Customers on Familiar Channels High Conversion Rates Including Text Messaging

Engage customers with email


Follow-up and distribute surveys on the most widely adopted channel.

Engage customers with SMS


Engage on the channel with the highest conversion rates.

Digital Channels

Engage With Customers Online and Offline With Web, Mobile and Survey Kiosks

Engage customers with Kiosks


Collect high-volume feedback in-location and capture contacts.

Link Channel Graphic White


Collect feedback using a link or vanity URL.

White Mobile Channel Graphic.


Seamlessly integrate Loop into your app using our SDK or API.

Social Media & Messaging Channels

Engage With Customers on Social Networks and Major Messaging Apps in Real-Time

Engage customers with WhatsApp


Create a Business Profile and engage with 1.5B people worldwide.

Engage customers with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Connect your Facebook Page and respond in real-time.

Engage customers with Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter Direct Messages

Connect your Twitter accounts and respond in real-time.


Hardware Solutions Powered by Loop

Our hardware solutions are great for offline experience management and engagement including collecting high-volume feedback and motivating frontline employees in-location. Select from our suite of survey kiosks as well as displays for sharing customer experience data in real-time.

Survey Kiosks

A Suite of Kiosks for Collecting High-Volume Feedback Contacts

Countertop survey kiosk

Loop Nugget

Wall-mount survey kiosk

Loop Walley

Standard floor survey kiosk

Loop Blissful

Standard floor
Premium floor survey kiosk

Loop Elegant

Premium floor

Share Customer Experience Insights With Your Frontline Team in Real-Time

Motivate employees in-location

Loop Scoreboard

Display real-time CX insights for you team by location and shift.


Promote Your Program and Drive More Engagement

Promote your program and drive more engagement in alignment with your brand standards. Let Benbria create a complete solution to get you up and running quickly and leverage best practices to increase engagement, collect more insights, and capture more leads.

Promote business text messaging and QR codes

Business Cards

Communicate program channels in a highly personalized manner.

Promote business text messaging and QR codes

Tent Cards

Communicate program channels with a clear call to action in-location.

Promote business text messaging and QR codes

Pull-Up Banners

Display program channels with an effective storyline in-location.

Promote business text messaging and QR codes


Broadcast program channels with clear messaging and branding in-location.

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