Loop Walley

High-Volume Wall Mounted Survey Kiosk for Real-Time Customer Feedback

Ideal for retail stores, washrooms, and service areas. These light-weight wall mounted kiosks are designed to easily integrate with the aesthetic of any business, where space is limited. Perfect for high-volume in-location feedback, you can collect contact details at-scale to recover customers in real-time and promote to reduce churn and increase revenue.

Loop Nugget

Capture Feedback and Contacts Effortlessly in Real-Time

With Loop Walley, you can collect high-volume feedback in real-time. Collect customer contact details ideal for engaging and propelling your marketing campaigns. Using this device, you can increase revenues and uncover problems and opportunities in-location.

Walley Kiosk Top

Wall-Mounted for Constrained Environments

Perfect for busy stores or washrooms where floor space is limited and traffic is high, The Loop Walley is compact and blends well into any environment. Delight customers at all key moments of truth.

Colou Options

Make It Your Own

Available in 7 colors with custom branding options to align with brand standards including screen wraps and laser etching options. Let our team guide you through a simple and efficient design process.

Branding Options

Drive More Engagement by Promoting Your Kiosk With a Clear Call to Action

Loop Walley

Generic Branding

Loop walley Graphic

Logo Branding

Loop Walley Graphic

Custom Branding

Key Features

Everything That You Would Expect in a Kiosk for Today's Customer-Centric Brands

Secure Enclosure

Built with a fully enclosed ABS plastic tablet housing with proprietary security screws for maximum protection.

Lifetime Warranty

For all of our hardware options we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all enclosures and stands including replacement parts. 

Flexible Head Unit

Supports landscape mode with a 90 degree tilting head design for maximum flexibility and ease of use. 


Support for both WiFi and LTE networking options included with your subscription. LTE option is only available with Apple devices.

Fully or Partially Managed

Options for fully managed devices so that you can focus on what you do best. Options for fully managed Apple devices are only available when leased.

Purchase or Lease

Flexible financing options whether you would like to lease or buy outright. Leasing options available for Apple devices only.


Designed to Be Modern and Eye Catching While Compact and Robust for the Busiest Operations

Walley Kiosk Dimensions


Walley Kiosk Backview


Walley Kiosk Side


Walley Kiosk Top


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