Engage with Guests Before They Arrive

Connect with guests before their stay using links to quick surveys in emails to confirm bookings. Listen to the voice of the guest at all touch points through their pre-stay journey, including on the website after booking, through email confirmation and on social media.

Maximize the use of omni-channel engagement to ensure that you’re relating to your guests on the channel of their choice. Have all guest communication roll-up into one shared Inbox for easy message management.


Connect with Guests Through Multiple Touchpoints On Site

Engage guests at key moments of truth throughout their in-stay journey. Send surveys at milestone moments including post-check in, within minutes of arriving in their room, after a restaurant or spa experience and in key locations throughout the hotel.

Using self-serve kiosks, guests can provide their feedback about their experience in areas such as the hotel lobby, the pool and outside the spa.

Collect insights using multiple channels of engagement, including in-app experiences and social app channels. 


Collect Insights and Increase Brand Loyalty

Follow-up with guests after their stay to collect insights on their experience. Send surveys using SMS, email and social channels to engage guests on the platform of their choice and increase engagement.

Use analytics and dashboards to view trends, and make data-driven decisions on improvement plans and projects. 


Map the Guest Journey by Maximizing the Use of Omni-Channel Engagement

Offer a seamless guest experience across traditional and digital channels at every touchpoint in the guest journey. 89% of consumers say it is important to have a variety of options for contacting customer service, including voice, text message and email. Engaging your guests where they are most comfortable is an important factor to providing a positive guest experience. 

End-to-End Guest Journey Mapping

Connect with guests from the first touchpoint upon booking, until the last after they have checked out. Map the entire guest experience, as they interact with various areas of the property. Engage them on key moments of truth, to gain actionable insights and areas of opportunity. 

Create Guest Loyalty

Measure the experience during the entire guest journey and gain insight into where you can improve. 

Faster Request Fulfillment

Fulfill requests faster by immediately alerting and routing guest messages to the right team member, at the right time. From arranging reservations to, resolving issues, use real-time messaging to execute efficiently. 

Increase Revenue

Send timely offers pre-stay, in-stay and post-stay to drive more revenue from each guest visit. Offer room upgrades, promotions on services and other upsell opportunities. 

Optimize Operations

Save your team time, with auto-responses to commonly asked questions, with the option to add a human-in-the-loop to escalate issues not handled by a Chatbot. Communicate with guests across multiple platforms through one shared inbox. 

Recover At-Risk Guests

Identify at-risk guests and recover them by resolving issues in real-time, before they voice their concerns through online reviews. 

Analytics and Reporting

By analyzing every message, its source, time to respond, and overall guest sentiment, you can gain real-time insights on a variety of different criteria. As a result, you can understand what is enhancing and hindering the customer experience while strategically improving operations.

A Solution For Your Unique Needs

The Loop Experience Platform Offers Flexibility for Your Unique Needs

Have the flexibility and agility to manage how you collect data and respond to feedback throughout the hotel. With Loop you have the freedom to deploy a program that best meets your specific needs.  


The Loop Experience Platform Integrates with Top Hospitality Tech Tools

Real Time Messaging

Using Loop OnDemand to Manage Your Guest Needs


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