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Facilities Management is about combining people, places and processes within a building to better improve the work life of the people within the building. It helps maintenance, janitorial and operations staff do their jobs effectively, creating a highly productive environment for staff. 

The Loop Experience Platform enables the management of many aspects of the facility, ensuring it runs smoothly. Using surveys, you can collect feedback from staff on-site and get a good understanding of issues before they become dissatisfied with their experience. 

Through ticket implementation you are able to remain on top of maintenance and sanitization requests. Loop also gives managers the ability to oversee multiple departments including cleaning staff, landscaping, and security.    

Facilities Management
Solutions: Facility Management

Capture in the Moment Feedback Across Your Facility

Every facility is unique and requires monitoring multiple touch-points to run successfully. In this brochure learn how the Loop Experience Platform can help you better manage your facility. This will help improve the customer experience and help improve revenues throughout your facility. 

Manage Consumer and Client Requests Through Tickets

More Efficient Operations

With Loop Tickets, you have the ability to easily use rooms and locations to manage customer concerns in Loop. This allows managers of the facility to better understand where the problems are coming from by managing requests from customers and quickly address the issues. By knowing this information you are able to prioritize the requests and ensure they get solved effectively. This ticket management system also allows you to adhere to your Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and effective time to resolution. 

When creating a survey projects in Loop, you can set automated actions to close the loop on feedback provided by customers. Using custom filters to create actions, a ticket can be created based on which threshold is being met will allow you to ensure you meet your company objectives.

Tickets can easily be managed by on-site staff, and reported back on by management to determine which improvements need to be made in the business. Use automation to create workflow efficiencies in your organization by routing conversations and tickets to the right people for faster resolution times. Set your KPI’s and service level agreements (SLAs) to establish brand standards in your organization and use Loop to support those metrics.

Watch a video on how Ticketing works in Loop.

Facilities Management
Know What's Happening

Stay in the Loop with Your Customers

The Loop Experience Platform is an incredible tool that can help you better manage your facilities and streamline the process of managing facilities of any size. Loop enables you to easily connect with employees across the facility and ensure things run smoothly. It allows you to easily report on all types of inquiries your team receives and report on how they are managed. 

Loop can easily be integrated into all areas of the facility, from the washrooms to the garden sheds, to ensure it is well managed and ensure repairs get fixed in a timely manner. Choose the channel of your choice, from QR codes, to Kiosks, Link Channels and Social Channels. 

Loop Channels Graphic
Hardware and Contactless Options Available

Engage in a Variety of Ways

The Loop Experience Platform offers hardware options for all the deployments. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, different hardware solutions can be presented. The best way to achieve great feedback results is by offering your guests hardware. Benbria offers different kiosk form factors to accommodate your needs. 

Loop offers the use of hardware-free deployment that is a quick and easy set up experience and allows you to get results without using hardware. Loop offers the use of QR codes at each touchpoint to manage each experience. This allows you to maximize the use of promoware, such as tent cards, stickers and posters, by displaying the QR code at different points. Loop Insights then enables you to separate the reporting for each touchpoint/ survey projected, with the ability to create role-defined custom dashboards that allow for feedback level drill downs. 

Managing a Facility in COVID19
Case Study: Lubbock Independent School District
Case Study

LISD: How Loop Made School Facilities Easier to Manage

Lubbock Independent School District (LISD), was not set up to effectively solve maintenance problems. This often led to frustration from teachers and staff. Learn about how LISD implemented Loop to streamline this process the benefits of using Loop to improve the overall facilities at the schools. 


End-to-End Guest Mapping

Connect with customers from the first touchpoint waking into a facility, until the last. Map the entire experience, as they interact with various areas of the property. Engage them on key moments of truth, to gain actionable insights and areas of opportunity. 

Create Loyalty

Measure the experience during the entire journey and gain insight into where you can improve. This can ensure that you client is happy with the work you are doing.

Faster Request Fulfillment

Fulfill requests faster by immediately alerting and routing messages to the right team member, at the right time, use real-time messaging to execute efficiently. 

Increase Productivity

Streamline tasks, to manage all departments and ensure the facility runs effectively. Keep when tasks are assigned to each department and when the tasks get completed. 

Optimize Operations

Save your team time, with auto-responses to commonly asked questions, with the option to add a human-in-the-loop to escalate issues not handled by a Chatbot. 

Recover High Risk Issues

Identify high risk issues at-risk guests and recover them by resolving issues in real-time, before customers voice their concerns through online reviews. 

Analytics and Reporting

Analyze every message, time to respond and overall guest sentiment to gain real-time insights on your KPI’s and understand customer experience while improving operations. 

Facility Example

Managing Area's Within the Facility

It is essential to ensure that every area of the facility is well managed. Ensuring you know all the areas of your facility and having a way to manage it is necessary to having a well run facility. Different tactics can be implemented to ensure that every workflow makes sense.

Facilities Management Responsibilities

There are many responsibilities within the facility that need to be taken care of in a timely manner. Ensuring these processes run smoothly, allows the entire facility to run smoothly.

Facilities Management Checklist Example

Loop Hardware for Facilities Management

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