Enterprise Integrations

Automate Customer Experiences and Workflow With a Suite of Powerful Integrations

Integrate your existing systems with the Loop Experience Platform to automate engagement, feedback collection and workflow and close-the-loop with your customers. Leverage existing integrations with leading hospitality, travel, healthcare and workflow automation systems. Become an technology partner and create more value for your existing customers.

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Integration Partners

The Loop Experience Platform integrates with many different partners. We seamlessly integrate to help automate your feedback collection. Check out this brochure to learn more about the integrations.

Automate Feedback Collection

Event Management

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Automate the collection of feedback from event organizers. All key touchpoints are supported including pre-sales, post-sales, pre-event and post-event.

Automated Feedback Collection and Messaging

Electronic Medical/Health Records

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Automate the collection of feedback from residents and family members based on ADT events including admittance, discharge and transfer. Communicate with residents and family members on their channel of choice using a shared inbox for each facility.

Engage With Guests In-Stay

Mobile Apps and Devices

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With Volo! tablets you can enable contactless communication in your hotel when combined with Loop real-time messaging to improve the guest experience. 

Capture Guest Requests

Service Optimization Systems

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Connect the feedback collected from The Loop Experience Platform with Flexkeeping, a hotel housekeeping and staff collaboration software. 

Updated HOTSos Order


Integrate the Loop Experience Platform with HotSOS, which centralizes guest information to keep your staff in the loop to offer a personalize travel experience. 

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With the ability to send requests directly into KNOWService, they can drive efficiency and deliver faster service, enhancing the guest experience.


Automate Guest Engagement Pre-Stay, In-Stay and Post-Stay

Property Management Systems

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Integrate Loop with your PMS using a modern PMS Middleware that is hosted in the cloud. The interface supports all pre-stay, in-stay and post-stay experiences including guest messaging and feedback.

Opera by Oracle


Integrate Loop with Opera Premise, Hosted or Cloud leveraging OXI and OHIP interfaces. The interface supports all pre-stay, in-stay and post-stay experiences including guest messaging and feedback.


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Integrate Loop with your PMS using TMS Middleware that is hosted on premise or in the cloud. The interface is limited to in-stay and post-stay experiences including guest messaging and feedback.

Promote Feedback Collection Via Receipts

Point of Sale Systems

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Integrate your Volante Point of Sale (POS) software with The Loop Experience Platform to offer another channel of engagement in the customer journey to collect feedback from customers. 


Orchestrate Conversations With Bot-to-Human Handoffs

Chatbot Platforms



Make use of our Chatbots using Google Dialogflow. Create automated messages from the Chatbot and leverage our conversation orchestration feature (bot-to-human-handoff) to serve your customers in real time. 


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