Integration Partners

Integrate with your existing solutions in your technology stack allowing for the Loop Experience Platform to be an all-in-one system for everything in the customer journey. From CRM, to POS, to PMS integrations, Loop® will work with your existing technology to ensure a smooth workflow in your operation. 

Choose from industry leading platforms to enhance operations and improve customer experience to generate more revenue. 

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Best in Breed Integration Offerings for an All-In-One Solution

The Loop Experience Platform integrates with best in class PMS, POS and CRM platforms to offer a all-in-one solution that gives you the most actionable insights and increases workflow efficiencies.

Event Management

Tripleseat Colour Logo


Benbria’s Loop Experience Platform  and Tripleseat’s Catering and Event Management Platform provides a seamless integration combines event management along with customer experience.

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Mobile Engagement

Volo! Logo


With the Volo! touchscreens enable contactless communication in your hotel with Loop real-time feedback and messaging. 

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Service Optimization Systems

Flexkeeping Logo


Connect the feedback collected from The Loop Experience Platform with Flexkeeping, a hotel housekeeping and staff collaboration software. 

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HotSOS Logo


Integrate the Loop Experience Platform with HotSOS, which centralizes guest information to keep your staff in the loop to offer a personalize travel experience. 

Knowcross Logo


Allow guests to send messages and request and real time. With the ability to send requests directly into KNOWService, they can drive efficiency and deliver faster service, enhancing the guest experience and has significant impact on the bottom line.

Property Management Systems & Middleware

Tiger TMS Logo


Deploy TigerTMS, a property management system (PMS) middleware to share information from Loop to your PMS. 

Hapi Logo


Deploy Hapi, a property management system (PMS) middleware to share information from Loop to your PMS.

Point of Sale Systems & Middleware

Volante Logo


Integrate your Volante Point of Sale (POS) software with The Loop Experience Platform to offer another channel of engagement in the customer journey to collect feedback from customers. 


Twilio Logo


Integrate your Twilio account with the Loop Experience Platform for all your messaging needs, including SMS and WhatsApp. 

Mailgun Logo


Integrate Mailgun with the Loop Experience Platform to get data on emails received, opened and clicked. 


Facebook Logo


Sync your Facebook account with the Loop Experience Platform and include Facebook Messenger into the shared Loop Inbox as a channel of engagement. 

Instagram Logo


Sync your Instagram Messenger account to the Loop Experience Platform and integrate your social messages into the Loop Inbox for a seamless experience. 

Twitter Logo


Sync your Twitter with the Loop Experience Platform and include Twitter Direct Messages into the shared Loop Inbox as a channel of engagement. 


WhatsApp Logo


Leverage the use of WhatsApp and save on SMS messaging fees. Integrate WhatsApp into your channel options in the Loop Experience Platforms and have a seamless messaging experience with your customers. 


Dialogflow Logo


Make use of our Chatbots using Google Dialogflow. Create automated messages from the Chatbot and leverage our conversation orchestration feature (bot-to-human-handoff) to serve your customers in real time. 

Interested in Becoming an Integration Partner?