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Sending customers links are a great way to direct them to an area of your website or blog that’s useful to them. Links can also be used within a website to link to another area of a website. This helps clarify certain terms or products when they are being discussed in other area’s of a website. 

Links can also be printed in the form of QR codes. QR codes are images that smartphones can scan and will direct you to a particular page on a website. These are helpful in location, for example, in a food court to encourage patrons to fill out a feedback survey. 

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Link Channel

Effectively Use Links to Engage with Customers

Distribute links to customers through digital channels so that they can engage in a friendly and familiar way.

Convert links into QR codes and place them in-location for a contactless way to leave feedback or engage with the brand about their experience. 

Distributing Surveys Using the Link Channel

Loop CX® product is a popular way to use links with the Loop Platform. Links and QR codes are both used to encourage customers to fill out surveys when there isn’t a physical kiosk available. Posting QR codes throughout your business is a great way to encourage customers to fill out surveys throughout their visit. This will help gain more responses and will provide greater data to report on. 

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Start a Conversation Using the Link Channel

Using links and Loop Inbox® is a great way start a conversation with customers. This will help give a customer the opportunity to easily reach the business and have their problems resolved quickly and efficiently. 

Key Features

Improve SEO

Linking throughout your website helps search engines, like Google, know more about your website and will improve SEO.

Increase Revenue

Linking similar products on a product page shows what customers purchase together will incase sales

Increase Traffic

By providing website links to your customers through traditional or social channels you will increase traffic going to your website. 

Search Ranking

The Google algorithm uses links to help determine how relevant a website is to topic and will list the websites accordingly. 

Simple Integration

Creating text that have links embedded is simple, select the text you want to be the anchor, click the ‘link’ button and paste the URL link. 

Voice of Authority

Ensuring you are consistently linking to blog posts, white papers and case studies helps to establish you as an industry leader. 

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