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SMS allows businesses to communicate with customers through an SMS (text) channel. This can either be a way of sending out a mass message (similar to email marketing) or as a communication channel for customers to contact a company. 

Communicate instantly with customers no matter where they are and provide real-time updates to promotions and quickly respond to customer questions. 

Mobile Channel
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Easy Communication and Follow-up

Having customers respond through SMS makes follow up quick, and personal. It is easy to set up answers to common questions, provides quick responses to customers, and keeps the customer engaged.

This will ensure contact details remains up to date. Capture contact details to enable rapid follow-up with your customers. An excellent approach for closed-loop feedback.

Fast and Efficient Message Delivery

 SMS focuses more on the messaging and getting the messages to your customer base as quickly as possible. Since most people carry their phones on them all the time, it allows customers to see the message almost instantly.

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Key Features

Contact Capture

Able to easily capture and confirm up to date mobile numbers from both new and existing clients. 


SMS is a common communication tool that anyone who uses a cell phone has access too, allowing for messages to be delivered instantly. 

North American Tool

SMS is primarily a communication tool used in North America, throughout many other parts of the world WhatsApp is the primary form.


When replying to customer inquiries, it is easy to make the messages personalized and answer any questions directly. 

Real Time

Once a SMS gets delivered, customers will open them almost immediately, allowing for fast response time. 

Wide Reaching

SMS allows you to easily reach a wide customer base with only a few clicks, making it a very effective form of communication.  

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