At Benbria®, we believe that having a strong understanding of the industries we serve and the challenges they face should be the key driver to how we continuously improve our platform. As such, we publish multiple studies and white papers each year based on the insights we’ve gained in every market served. Here, you will find a sample of our latest thought-leadership articles to help you develop a solid omni-channel customer engagement strategy.

Touchpoints and Channels eBook

Understand the key channels and touch-points that customers use to interact with your business. Optimize these channels and touch-points to improve the overall customer experience. 

A guide to measuring CX eBook

As customer preferences continue to change and new expectations emerge, measurement becomes an intrinsic part of enhancing CX. Learn how to measure your customer’s experience.

Omni-Channel Customer Experience ebook

For an automotive dealer in today’s competitive landscape, building an exceptional experience that is both unique from competitors and in line with current customer demands.

Omni-Channel Guest Experience eBook

Today’s modern guest expects to engage with hotels and resorts through an omni-channel approach. Hotels and Resorts that are able to provide this to their client base, sets themselves apart.

Delivering an Omni-Channel Experience eBook

The most successful restaurants are delivering a strong omni-channel guest experience. This allows them to communicate with guests across multiple platforms and drive guest loyalty. 

Experience is Everything eBook

Providing customers with a great experience with your brand is essential to creating customer loyalty. When you understand who your customers are, it makes it easier to deliver a personalized experience. 

Ensuring you capture student feedback at the right time is essential to accurate feedback. Using student feedback enables you to make improvements across campus to improve the overall student experience.