Campus Experience

Give a Voice to Everyone Across Campus

Measure and respond to students and faculty across campus over several touch-points. From housing, to the campus bookstore and cafeteria, get data to support mapping the campus experience to kick-start initiatives and programs. In education, ensuring both students and faculty have a positive outlook on their campus experience is important to keeping them on campus. 

How do you give a voice to your students, faculty and staff, and inform senior management of how campus programs and initiatives are performing? With a dashboard that analyzes and visualizes all the data you collect from various touch-points across campus, have a 360 view of what the campus experience is like for everyone that visits. Build your own custom dashboards for various stakeholders to see the analytics they need to make data-informed decisions about what is working and what needs improvement. 

Stay on top of trending topics through written feedback. Efficiently be able to respond and escalate situations across campus with real time messaging capabilities.

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Benbria Campus Experience
Campus Experience
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Capture in the Moment Feedback in Every Areas of Campus

Every campus is unique and requires student oriented feedback collection in every area of campus. Utilizing real time student experience feedback collection, allows you to make informed decisions across the campus. This brochure dives in on how the Loop Experience Platform will allow you to provide the best student experience, provide students with a voice and help you to drive results.

Dining Experience

Centralize Feedback and Empower Decision-Making

Manage multiple food service providers and promote brand standards all from one unique platform. Isolate problems by location and time, using power visualization tools, such as heat maps. Improve business operations with analytics to make informed decisions to improve programs, efficiency and customer experience. 

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Shopping Experiences

Support Retail Stores on Campus

From the bookstore to the print shop, map the student journey through the retail spaces of the campus. Support online order pickup through a messaging channels at retail stores on campus.  Collect feedback on the customer experience in location or after the transaction is complete to identify areas of improvement during the purchasing process.  Roll up all your feedback and messages into a smart inbox and respond to issues in a quick and efficient manner, that is good for both the business, and the customer. 

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Vendor Management

Monitor Vendor Performance

Being able to manage vendors and know how well each one is doing is key to knowing which vendors to keep on campus. Providing vendors with KPI’s to achieve helps you to know how well they are doing. Collect feedback from students about their preferred vendors and if there are any changes they would like to see made to improve their experience on campus. This will allow you to only use the best vendors on campus that will create additional revenue and improve the on-campus experience. 

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Housing Experience

Stay Engaged in Student Housing

When it comes to student housing, experience plays a large role on whether students continue to live on campus after their first year, and what they share to other students about housing on campus. Housing experience is essential when it comes to reputation among prospective and existing students, keeping housing full is a key revenue driver and ensuring students remain engaged while living and studying on campus. 

Loop Education Messaging
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Understanding the Disjointed Student Journey Across Campus

Higher education institutions fail to capture the voice of the student. Not because of an oversight but because of the considerable challenge in gathering critical data from all vendors across campus. Collecting this data at key moments of truth within the student experience. In this eBook learn more about how disjointed the student experience has become and how you can take steps to improve it. 


Complete Solutions For The Modern Campus

Every campus has a unique footprint. Our solutions collect feedback and provide real-time messaging to small and large campus sizes. So whether you have 3 amenities or 30, the Loop Experience Platform can help you improve your Campus Experience using actionable insights. 

Vendor Management

Use feedback to effectively manage vendors across campus. Collect feedback regarding their performance and track KPI’s to determine how each one is performing.

Give Student a Voice

By collecting student feedback, you can gain insight in what needs to be done to improve the overall campus experience. Actioned feedback will help future engagement. 

Analyze by Location

Analyze feedback from each location separately, enabling you to know which areas of campus is performing well and which ones require the most improvement. 

Brand Management

Preserve the value of your higher education’s brand by ensuring loyalty from everyone that interacts with campus, during their education and beyond.  

Drive Revenue with Residence

It’s important to ensure the reputation of student housing on campus remains high. Keeping rooms full is a major revenue driver, for housing and vendors alike.

Invest in Your Campus

Investing in your campus can become a key differentiator in the marketplace, and knowing where to invest is essential to getting the most out of your budget. 

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