Food Services

Loop® helps to deliver a better overall service experience, can help improve your survey scores, and supports stronger customer relationships to increase loyalty.

Imagine Having

Greater Feedback

Initiate more customer conversations and gather more feedback versus traditional paper or email surveys.

Real-Time Recovery

Get real-time insight into the customer experience to identify areas of service issue and recover at-risk customers.

Insights To Improve

Leverage data to improve processes, menu items, service delivery and more with more focused training.

“Benbria® is helping us establish a deeper personal connection between our staff and our customers by facilitating more feedback during their visit.”

How We Can Help

Connect with More Guests

Build more meaningful relationships with your guests and learn more about them through in-the-moment surveys and one on one conversations.

Focus on What's Important!

Focus your training and coaching activities on items that need to be improved versus everything – saving you and your team valuable time!

Ace Your Next QBR

Gain statistical evidence of your performance using real-time feedback directly from your guests, so it’s easier to demonstrate the value your team brings.

Plan Shifts More Strategically

Using actionable reports you can pinpoint the specific days and shifts where you need to re-focus and improve the overall experience.

Get More Feedback

Access ongoing real-time positive and negative comments that you can leverage to improve your service and the overall quality of your facility.

Motivate Your Team

Allow your teams to see feedback in real-time so they can become more consumer-centric and feel motivated to go above and beyond traditional service!

Key Benefits

Obtain Useful Guest Data

  • Review the guest experience data collected for any period with rich reporting tools.
  • Understand trends and issues for a given month, shift or time of day so you can better tailor service.
  • Compare a range of locations to see which locations are performing better versus others or simply isolate the key areas of focus to improve training, food quality, or service

Improve The Guest Experience

  • Make adjustments at your establishments from the feedback collected to meet the specific preferences of your guests.
  • Hourly, daily, weekly or by shift information means you can get an understanding of which team members need additional training, and which can be rewarded.
  • Set service benchmarks and use real-time reports to shift and exceed targets.

Engage Sales and Service Teams

  • Enhance the team experience by becoming more goal focused around service quality.
  • With an integrated scoreboard, customer feedback is broadcasted in real-time for staff to see – making work more rewarding.
  • Gamify the workplace and promote friendly competition by awarding teams and individuals based on real-time guest feedback.

Key Features

Measure Everywhere

Measure every step along the customer journey and compare performance across multiple touch points. Whether you want to measure by physical location or through online mediums, you can truly measure everywhere.

A Guest-centric Culture

Use daily reports and scoreboards to encourage friendly competition between teams and locations, to make every day at work more rewarding and foster a culture of service excellence.

Improve NPS

Track your guest’s likelihood to recommend your brand by measuring their sentiment and improving operations to enhance their overall experience. Recover those at risk before they can reach social media or review sites.

Feedback Equals Focus

Use feedback from guests to reduce your overall training costs and improve its impact, by focusing on what matters most – be it cleanliness, customer service, food preparation, and more.

Mobilize Your Team

Allow team members to access customer feedback and comments and respond to those at risk on a unified company platform. As a mobile app, your team can route feedback to the right people in real-time.

Multi-channel Engagement

Receive and respond to messages from guests in a faster and more efficient manner. Manage social, in-app, SMS text, and email messages from a unified inbox, greatly improving engagement.

Trusted and Experienced

Over 10 Years of Experience

We are industry leaders, backed by the global business expertise of Wesley Clover and Verizon Ventures.

More Than 1,000 Locations

We process millions of messages and collect data across multiple customer touchpoints each day, with a 99.9% uptime record.

In Over 20 Countries

A global client and partner network means we know how to service the needs of today’s enterprise clients and their customers.

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