Email Channel

Email is a common tool used to send mass communication to clients and allows you too easily engage with customers. It can be seamlessly integrated with other platforms, making it a popular channel choice. 

Ensuring an up to date customer contact list is essential to reliable communication with customer base. 

Email Channel
Email Messaging

Easy Communication and Follow-up

Collect responses from your customers, quickly though direct responses. This allows you to easily respond to customer inquires and keep your customer base engaged. 

Ensure contact details remains up to date and allow for one on one conversation. Capture contact details to enable rapid follow-up with your customers via their inbox. A reliable approach for Closed-Loop Feedback.

Custom Branding Options

Customize your email distribution so its tailored to your unique brand and set logos/ colours/ pictures ect.

Template Set Up

Set up a template that you can easily change and edit, so your email distribution has a consistent look and feel.

Email Template Builder

Key Features

Contact Capture

Able to easily capture and confirm up to date email addresses from both new and existing clients. 

Easy to Use

Email is one of the easiest channels to use, 91% of internet users have an email address and it’s one of the main forms of communication. 

Custom Branding

Customizable graphics, colours and slogans to match your campaign strategy and brand identity for consistent branding. 


Easily able to integrate with other marketing and software tools to ensure a high response rate from customers. 

Multiple Languages

Email is global and can easily support multiple languages to help you collect insights from your audience around the world.

Wide Reaching

Email allows you to easily reach a wide customer base with only a few clicks, making it a very effective form of communication.  

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