Kiosk Channel

Collect high volume feedback in-location and in real time. Capture valuable customer experience insights from offline touchpoints related to loyalty, satisfaction and effort. Use custom branding to make the kiosk stand out in your environment to increase engagement. 

Combine the use of QR codes and the touchscreen to offer contactless engagement options for your in-location feedback. 

Loop Nugget Hardware
Kiosk Channel

Real-Time Insights and Follow-up

Collect feedback from your customers in real-time at key touchpoints along the customer journey to shorten time-to-action and keep frontline employees aware and engaged.

Capture contact details to enable rapid follow-up with your customers via the inbox on their preferred channel of choice. A superior approach for Closed-Loop Feedback.

Flexible Surveys

Loop supports a variety of question and survey types to help you measure the customer experience and identify problems and opportunities including Smileys, Thumbs, 5-Star, NPS®, CSAT, CES, and more.

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Loop Hardware Selection

Custom Branding Options

Customize your kiosk so that it’s tailored to your unique brand identity and standards including logos and colours.

Multiple Form Factors

Select from a variety of standard and premium models including floor and countertop, and low-end and high-end.

Key Features

Aggregate by Location

Responses are captured by location to enable location-based reporting and follow-up.

Contact Capture

Capture contact details including name, phone number and email to follow-up with them through Loop Messaging on their preferred channel.

Real-Time Feedback

Each kiosk is connected to the Loop platform via the network, enabling real-time collection and action to increase conversion and expedite recovery.

Multiple Platforms

Multiple platforms are supported including iOS and Chrome OS.

Multiple Languages

The Loop Kiosk is global and supports multiple languages to help you collect insights from your audience around the world.

Custom Branding

Customize the kiosk to match your brand identity and standards.

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