WhatsApp Channel

WhatsApp is a free, multi-platform messaging app that allows users to send photos/ videos and messages to other users. This is most commonly used to communicate with people internationally as it creates an in-app phone number to use. 

Quickly communicate with international customers and guests just as quickly and easily as you would domestic customers.

Messaging Channel Graphic
WhatsApp Channel Graphic

International Communication

WhatsApp is the preferred contact method for millions worldwide. By adding it to communication channels you have another preferred communication method for your customers to reach out to you.

WhatsApp allows users to not only send messages but also pictures and videos showing a company what an issue is, rather than just explaining it. A modern approach to closed loop feedback.

WhatsApp Conversations

Loop Messaging supports WhatsApp as a channel for conversations. Messages from your WhatsApp channel are automatically forwarded to the Loop Inbox where you can respond back without needing to log into the native platform, increasing the efficiency of your staff and improving response times. 

Table Messaging
WhatsApp Channel Graphic

Custom Branding Options

Customize your WhatsApp channel so its tailored to your unique brand and set letter colours and send pictures/ attachments to customize each project you run. 

Template Set Up

With minimal customization options, it is easy to ensure consistent messaging through multiple campaigns. 


Key Features

International Communication

WhatsApp is the preferred communication method for millions worldwide, allowing for communication outside of North America easy and seamless. 

Custom Branding

Create a custom profile and customize it with your name and brand logo making it easy for customers to search for your profile. 


Easily able to integrate with other marketing and software tools to ensure a high response rate from customers. 

Multiple Languages

WhatsApp is global channel and can easily support multiple languages to help you collect insights from your audience around the world.


When replying to customer inquiries, it is easy to make the messages personalized and answer any questions directly. 

Real Time

Once WhatsApp gets delivered, customers will open them almost immediately, allowing for fast response time. 

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