White Papers

At Benbria®, we believe that having a strong understanding of the industries we serve and the challenges they face should be the key driver to how we continuously improve our platform. As such, we publish multiple studies and white papers each year based on the insights we’ve gained in every market served. Here, you will find a sample of our latest thought-leadership articles to help you develop a solid omni-channel customer engagement strategy.

Study Studying

Find out how to increase campus efficiency and improve student’s overall view of the campus, can be found in this white paper. 

Today, evolving customer preferences have been changing the way businesses operate. Understand the new voice of the customer and how you can implement it with this white paper.

Improve Hotel Service

The Do's and Don'ts of Hotel Automation

Automation can offer the harried hotelier the possibility of boosting efficiency, reducing the number of staff needed to run the hotel, and adding enhancements to the guest experience.

Woman using mobile phone and pulling her suitcase in a hotel lobby. Female business traveler walking in hotel hallway.

12 Best Practices for Full-Cycle Guest Marketing

Learn how hoteliers can regain guest loyalty and boost revenue using full-cycle guest marketing.

Hospitality Employee

Overall, only 31.5 percent of employees are actually engaged at their jobs. Gamification can help business owners improve this number.

Hospitality Customer

This report presents findings from a study carried out in partnership with the International Luxury Hotel Association and Cornell University.

Mobile Guest Engagement

Armed with these tips and statistics, you’ll be better equipped to manage your hotel’s online reputation.