Mobile Channel

The Loop mobile channel can work off of either an SDK and API integration for mobile apps. Everyone has a phone in their pocket, and they expect companies to have their own mobile app. Loop works with apps by embedding surveys or messaging within your mobile app. This will allow the app to virtually talk to your Loop Platform and import the data collected through the app onto your dashboard.

Mobile Channel
SDK Layered Platform

Differences Between an API and SDK

What’s an API?
API stands for Application Programming Interface and is how two or more programs communicate with each other. This will help to reduce the amount of code that programers need to use in each application and allows them to not need to build a program from scratch. This saves both time and money when building a webpage or mobile app from scratch. 

What’s an SDK?
SDK stands for Software Development Kit and is a software package. SDK’s contain a set of tools that can help to build platform-specific mobile applications and implement new features in existing mobile apps. The resources contained in an SDK include libraries, documents, code samples, guides, and APIs. 

Messenger Surveys

Loop CX® supports a variety of question and survey types to help you measure the customer experience and identify problems and opportunities including Smileys, Thumbs, 5-Star, NPS®, CSAT, CES, and more. These can be sent out through Mobile by embedding surveys in your app. 

Survey KPI's Graphic
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Integrating Loop with Mobile

The Loop mobile channel allows you to easily embed surveys within your mobile app. Allowing customers to conveniently fill out surveys without having to open a web browser or find a kiosk on site. This data collected through the survey will then be automatically uploaded to your Loop Platform account, allowing for instant data review. 

It will also allow you to embed messaging into your app that will go directly into your Loop Messaging. This will allow you to respond to customer questions or comments in real-time. The ability to message a business from in-app and not having to go to a different platform will reduce customer churn and show customers you value their opinions. 

Key Features

Cost Effective

By using integrations you can reduces programming time and the cost of maintaining active codes on your app.

Quick Access

Customers are able to check the mobile app frequently allowing you to instantly and effectively reach them. 

Custom Branding

Customize colours, logos and styles to match your brand identity to create a consistent look across multiple platforms. 


Easily able to integrate with other marketing and software tools to ensure a comprehensive branding kit. 

Push Notifications

Send customers a push notification through the app when you want to notify them of an update you wish them to see in the app. 

Target Younger Audience

Millennials and Gen Z use apps more than older generations, giving direct access to a younger demographic vs traditional channels. 

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