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The Loop Experience Platform offers real-time experience management for location-based operations including feedback and messaging using an omni-channel approach rolled up into one dedicated shared Inbox.

Give patients a voice with real time messaging and gain insights to improve their overall experience. Ensure quick response time to patient requests and ensure a high institute reputation with Loop. 

How can the Loop Experience Platform help you with campus experience? Focus on the journey through campus including retail, dining, residence and auxiliary services.

The Loop Experience Platform integrates with Tripleseat to help you automatically collect feedback from 4 key points to maximize feedback collection. 

Loop 360: Demo Videos

The Loop Experience Platform is making it easier for you to design, distribute and gather insights on the survey projects that you run to evaluate customer satisfaction, customer effort and net promoter score. Create individual survey projects for different locations, events, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you need to measure against and have control over when, where and how you distribute them.

See the Loop Inbox in action. Connect with customers in real time as you close the loop on feedback they provide.

Collecting customer feedback is only the beginning to an effective customer experience program. Acting on that feedback and closing the loop and resolving complaints, increases brand loyalty and reduces churn. With ticket management, complaint handling is made easy in the Loop Experience Platform as you can set automatic ticket workflows to manage the feedback you receive from guests to enable quick service recovery.

Loop Classic: Demo Videos