Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter is a social media site designed to quickly take in lots of information at a high level. It is easy to use and makes branding simple. It’s designed for high level quick information able to be consumed quickly. 

Twitter Direct Messaging is the private messages that can be sent through the inbox on Twitter.

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Twitter Direct Messaging

Engage Using Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter is a popular social media platform and is used by millions worldwide to communicate. It is expected for companies to have a Twitter page to post updates to their clients. This allows customers to find information or to reach out if they have any questions.

Twitter and Direct Message are great communication tools; you can respond to customers questions in real time. A communicative approach to Closed Loop Feedback.

Respond Using a Shared Inbox

Increase workflow efficiencies in your business by using Loop Messaging. Avoid having to log into the native platform to retrieve your Twitter Direct Messages and respond directly from the shared inbox on Loop. This increases speed of response and saves staff time from toggling from screen to screen. It also ensures that the whole team has access to conversations no matter which platform they are on.

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Key Features

Cost Effective

Twitter either through the app or through the website is free to access and create a business account.

Custom Branding

Create a custom business profile and easily customize it with your name and logo to allow customers to easily find you. 


Easily able to integrate with other marketing and software tools to ensure a high response rate from customers. 

Multiple Languages

Twitter is global channel and can easily support multiple languages to help you collect insights from your audience around the world.


When replying to customer inquiries, it is easy to make the messages personalized and answer any questions directly. 

Verified Accounts

Get your account verified, with a blue check mark, allowing customers to know they are reaching out to the right company. 

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