Loop for CX Leaders

With the ability to engage customers in their moment of truth to measure sentiment, respond to a question, or share a concern, Loop® provides a unified platform for improving the customer experience at every touch point along their unique journey.

Imagine Having

More Brand Advocates

By offering real-time engagement to measure satisfaction, with the ability to recover at-risk customers in-the-moment.

Omni-channel Engagement

That delivers a consistent and responsive customer experience across all channels – both online and offline.

Real-time Customer Data

Gathering insights on key moments throughout the entire customer journey, whether it be online or in person.

Key Benefits

Full-Journey Engagement

Loop can engage customers at each point of their journey. With it, you can send timely and personalized messages or surveys, respond to requests, and engage on multiple digital channels. What’s more, you can deploy surveys across multiple physical touchpoints to gain real-time insights.

Better Customer Surveys

Deploy a combination of binary, customer satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and open feedback surveys across multiple touchpoints – and gain real-time insights. A suite of analytical and reporting tools make understanding customer sentiment and needs easy and actionable, all in real-time.

Recover At-Risk Customers

The platform comes with the unique ability to understand customer sentiment in real-time, alert key teams of at-risk customers, and mobilize them to engage and recover. Regardless of touchpoint, Loop ensures that at-risk customers are recovered in-moment to promote greater loyalty and better reviews.

Key Features

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Understand how a customer feels about their experience in real-time and pinpoint areas for improvement. Use the escalations feature to alert key team members of at-risk customers and mobilize them to engage and recover.

Survey Flexibility

Deploy a wide range of survey types including binary, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) formats across multiple channels. Deploy combinations or single-use surveys across a wide range of customer touchpoints.

Auto-Route Messages

Ensure all customer inquiries are received and responded to in an efficient manner. Using keyword analysis, messages are tagged and auto-routed to the correct department or manager, so you can recover at-risk customers in real-time.

Engage by Segment

Set up different automated journeys for customers based on the specific criteria important to your business. Use segments to send personalized surveys, outreach messages, and related opportunities to engage in real-time.

Channel of Choice

Be on the customer’s preferred channel of engagement, whether online or offline. Respond and engage on channels they prefer in a consistent manner from a unified inbox for teams to receive and respond quickly and effectively.

Real-time Feedback

By receiving real-time feedback and listening to the customer via multiple channels, you can identify areas of weakness and correct them in-the-moment. Further, automation allows you to improve overall responsiveness.

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