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In-Room Touchscreens + Customer Experience Together

Benbria’s Loop Experience Platform and Volo’s in-room tablet allows guests to access hotel amenities and engage with hotel staff ensuring real-time service recovery and improved overall guest experience. 

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Volo is an in-room tablet solution that gives your guests interactive, touchscreen access to all of your hotel amenities.

Volo proves to be a profit center, not a cost, by driving revenue through up-sells and cross-sells of food, beverage, and amenities, and even push notifications for promotions or direct bookings.

Volo also helps save money by ensuring real-time service recovery and improved reputation management, and cost savings from staff efficiency and reduced printing.

Ultimately, more engagement and a better guest experience translate to real and measurable value to any hotel.

With the Loop Experience Platform, manage guest feedback in-location in real time. 

With the Loop Experience Platforms solutions for Hospitality have the ability to collect feedback and start conversations with hotel guests in real time. Integrating with the top hospitality applications, Loop is a natural addition to any hotel’s tech stack to improve the guest experience from booking to check-out. 

Guest Room Tablet
Brochure: Volo Partner

Connect with Guests With In-Room Tablets

In this brochure learn more about the partnership between Benbria and Volo! Explore how you can use tablets in guests rooms to message guests, and help mitigate issues. Respond to guests in real-time for inquiries, and with up-to-date information about their stay. 

Add real-time messaging capabilities to your touch-screen
tablet allowing you to engage and build loyalty with all
your guests.

Have all of your property amenities at your fingertips with the Volo tablet. Adding messaging gives you the ability to connect with your guests in real-time using Loop. A seamless integration into your tablet, you will be able to engage guests when they need you most. Access all your conversations and respond in real-time using the Loop Inbox. Expedite requests, and resolve issues when they affect guests to increase loyalty and reduce negative experiences which could cause lasting negative impacts to your overall brand.

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Why an Integrated Solution?

The Loop Experience Platform and Volo: Better Together

Manage the Experience

Manage the guest experience during their stay as it relates to loyalty satisfaction and effort.

Collect Data

Collect data to gain visibility into how to improve and streamline the guest experience. 

Personalized Experience

Provide personalized experiences by engaging guests through their hotel experience. 

Real Time Insights

Gather insights and identify problems and resolve them quickly with real time data collection.

Workflow Efficiencies

Create workflows that will automate collection and engagement for increased efficiencies. 


In-room tablet messaging provides guests with privacy and discretion that is not possible otherwise.


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