HotSOS Integration

Fulfill Guest Requests In Real-Time With HotSOS

Forward guests directly to HotSOS for fulfillment while providing status updates for guests and staff in real-time. Requests can be captured by directly by checked-in guests via their personal mobile devices or by staff at the front desk using the inbox.

How It Works

How the HotSOS Integration Works

Features & Benefits

What Makes HotSOS and Loop Better Together

By integrating HotSOS with the Loop Experience Platform, you will have a fully integrated solution for capturing and fulfilling guest requests.

Delight Your Guests

Enhance the guest experience by capturing and fulfilling guest requests in a timely manner. Handling guest requests directly impacts guest satisfaction.

Streamline Operations

Make it easy for your staff to capture and guest requests through to fulfillment without leaving the inbox or using the radio to reduce fulfillment times.

Real-Time Status Updates

Status updates are provided in real-time to keep your guests and staff. A simplified set of statuses is used to reduce confusion.

Drive Ancillary Revenues

Drive more ancillary revenues by delivering more revenue generating items to guest rooms.

Guest Request Reporting

Obtain valuable insight into volume and status of requests by property to improve operations and ensure your teams are fulfilling in a timely manner.


Capture guest requests for each property agnostic using one centralized system on premise, hosted or in the cloud.


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