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Automate Patient Feedback Collection

Benbria’s Loop Experience Platform and PointClickCarre provides a seamless integration for improved patient feedback collection and communication across the healthcare sector. 

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PointClickCare is a care collaboration network within the healthcare industry. Remove blind spots in care through digital trasformation and help helathcare providers harness the power of data. 

PointClickCare aims to improve: transition care, care outcomes, financial health and future innovations. They are helping to transform the healthcare space. 

With the Loop Experience Platform, manage patient and family feedback at 3 key: admission, transfer and discharge. This gives you a better understanding of what went well and where your care might be falling short. This data will be rolled up in easy-to-understand dashboards to improve operations and training in your long term care home. 

With the Loop Experience Platforms solutions for Healthcare  you have the ability to collect feedback and engage patients and their families through real-time messaging. Integrating with the top healthcare applications, Loop is a natural addition to any healthcare institutions tech stack to improve the patient experience. 

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Brochure: PointClickCare Integration

Improving Resident Experience in Care Homes

Integrate the Loop Platform with PointClickCareto help improve resident experience. Automatically collect feedback at 3 key moments in the resident journey: Admission, Discharge and Transfer. This helps to mitigate any pain points and improve the overall resident experience with a care facility. 

How The Integration Works

Manage What You Can Measure

Leverage industry-standard methodologies to measure the patient experience, improve time-management, and  increase revenue.

Customer Satisfaction Score

Measure patient satisfaction using CSAT surveys to evaluate food, service, entertainment etc.


Collect comments or suggestions at any point during the patient journey.

Close the Loop

Close the loop by following up and actioning feedback, resolving issues in real time.


Analyze the data collected in custom dashboards to make improvements for the future.

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Why an Integrated Solution?

The Loop Experience Platform and PointClickCare: Better Together

Manage the Experience

Manage the patient experience in every area of the facility to improve the patient satisfaction. 

Collect Data

Collect data to gain visibility into how to improve food services, events and cleanliness. 

Personalized Experience

Provide personalized experiences by engaging patients and their families throughout their stay. 

Real Time Insights

Gather insights and identify problems and resolve them quickly with real time data collection

Workflow Efficiencies

Create workflows that will automate collection and engagement for increased efficiencies. 


Collect feedback through multiple channels including web, kiosk, SMS and email. 

Long-Term Care
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Collect Patient Feedback

Collecting feedback from patients and their families can often be a long and time consuming process. The Loop Experience Platform enables your staff to automate feedback collection based on triggers and get real-time feedback about the patient’s experience. In this brochure learn more about how Loop works in the healthcare industry and make improvements based on that feedback.


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