Gain More Flexibility with Our New Survey Experience

With the release of 4.12, Loop now has a new Survey Experience to help you build and deploy surveys that are more dynamic and offer increased flexibility. This improved survey experience offers more control and customization allowing users to create better surveys for their customers. Using everything from logic to better visualizations, you’ll be able to offer your customers a better survey experience, providing your brand a higher degree of professionalism. Learn how to upgrade your survey experience in the Loop 360 User Interface. 

Conditional Logic

Use pages and branching to have customers answer questions relevant to their experience. Customize your survey workflow by indicating which questions need to be answered by the respondent and which ones can be skipped using logic.

This will help you gain data relevant to what you’re trying to gain insight on and filter out irrelevant data. Set a question workflow that makes sense for who your audience is and the data you are trying to retrieve from their experience. Learn how to configure Conditional Logic into your surveys using Loop. 

Learn more about Conditional Logic.

More Control Over the Appearance and Layout of Your Surveys

The new Survey Experience provides more tools, filters and customization of both the appearance and layout of your survey. This includes everything from side-by-side question layouts to customizing the Survey Complete page with website redirect options. Read the step-by-step walkthrough of the Survey Designer General Settings.

In the general settings you’re able to update the title, description, width and alignment of your survey.

There is now a section to update and customize your logo appearance on the survey. This includes size and fit within the survey title.

Customize your navigation buttons for moving forward and back in a survey, starting and completing.

Have the ability to customize how your questions look in your survey. This includes where the question title and description is located, how the questions are numbered and how required questions and maximum answer length is handled. Read more about the Survey Question Settings in Loop. 

There are now additional data features you can customize including saving partial survey results, even when a survey hasn’t been completed.

Finally, the Survey Complete customizations include the ability to navigate to a URL after the survey is completed. You also have the ability to customize the text 0n the Thank You page, as well as other text that customers may see if there is an error or a duplicate submission.

Get a better understanding of question types in Loop. 

Improved Look and Feel

The new Survey Experience brings an improved look and feel for both the users and the customers. For those who are building surveys, there are new options including the ability to Preview surveys before saving and distributing them. The survey builder includes new functionality on how you add, edit and move questions. This intuitive look and feel will make it easy for non-survey experts to become experts!

Surveys are now able to better adapt to screen sizes, which means surveys on web and kiosk will both look equally good to the end user.


Create Better Surveys for Actionable Insights

Giving you the tools to build a great survey is just the beginning. Read our blog Optimizing Customer Feedback Surveys For Greater Insight for great tips on how to build an effective survey and use Loop to execute your projects.

Want to learn more about how Loop can help you build great surveys and gain value customer insights? Get in touch with us today to get a demo of Loop today.

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