See What’s New: Loop 4.12 Release

This release introduces a wide range of new features and capabilities within Loop. New features were implemented surrounding the end-to-end survey designing workflow as well as the ability to export ticket data. Improvements were made across a variety of existing items including projects, dashboards, and ticketing workflows. Additional product enhancements were implemented to improve the overall user experience within Loop.

New Features

New Survey Experience

For Loop 360 users who wish to upgrade, Release 4.12 introduces a brand new survey experience. With this new experience comes a new survey designer offering more flexibility than ever before. Users will see new settings and configuration options to more easily create a survey tailored to their specific needs.

Additionally, surveys distributed over link channels will have an enhanced overall look and feel.

Ticket Exports

Loop 360 users can now export all of their ticket data to a .csv over a specified date range. Dates referenced in this file will follow the time zone selected upon export. After clicking the export button, users will then receive an email containing a link to download their .csv file.

This feature can be enabled or disabled for each user in the User Management settings page.

Key Feature Enhancements

Project Organization

Projects can now be moved between folders. Clicking the menu icon on a project card now shows a new field prompting the user to select a folder to move the project into.

If already located within a folder, an option will be provided to remove the project from it. Projects can also now be renamed through interacting with the same menu icon.

Ticket Status Management

With Release 4.12, users will have more control over ticket statuses. When configuring statuses, users can now set up a set restriction and an unset restriction. This will control what level of permission is required to change a given status. This allows certain statuses to become exclusive to only those with the appropriate permission.

Dashboard Default Filters

Users can now configure default filters for each of their dashboard. This will drive which filters are populated upon opening a given dashboard.

Dashboard Timezone Filtering

Users now have the ability to apply a timezone filter across their dashboards. This will affect all panels on the given dashboard and change their time to that of the selected timezone.

Product Enhancements

With Release 4.12 comes a variety of product enhancements and improvements. These items were implemented to enhance general usability resulting in a more seamless experience than ever before.

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