Introducing Loop’s New AI-Powered Beta Features

The arrival of ChatGPT represents one of the most significant innovations in natural language processing (NLP) in recent years. It has taken the internet and technology companies by storm. ChatGPT has the ability to process and generate human-like responses to a wide range of questions and prompts. This new AI-Powered technology has the ability to transform many industries including, education, customer service and marketing. How each company harnesses the power of this new technology will be what sets them apart from the competition.

With any new technological innovation, knowing the best applications can be far from straightforward. One of the most innovative aspects of ChatGPT is its ability to generate text that is coherent and contextually appropriate. This is achieved through the use of attention mechanisms, which allow the model to focus on the most relevant parts of the input data when generating a response. Meaning ChatGPT can produce responses that are tailored to the specific context of the question or prompt it is given.

The Loop Experience Platform has been using Natural Language Processing to capture sentiment, with these new innovations, we have decided to build and explore how we can take the platform to the next level using AI.

Introducing our new AI-powered beta features:

Conversation Summary Tool

Available for the Loop Messaging in Loop 360, the AI-Powered Conversation Summary Tool helps to simply your workflows by having AI offer a summary of a conversation had between staff and the customer. This will allow you, at a glance, to understand the problem, resolution and overall customer sentiment based on the exchange. This will simplify your workload because you will no longer have to scroll through conversations to understand what happened during the exchange.

You can activate this conversation summary tool through the dropdown in the comment box of your conversation.


Ticket Summary Tool

Available for Loop Tickets in the Loop 360, the ticket summary tool works very similarly to the Conversation Summary Tool.

You can create a summary of conversations regarding a complaint in the Ticket messenger view and in the closing notes of a Ticket. This again will summarize the ticket information in an easy-to-read and understand manner, allowing for more efficiency in your operations.

Writing Assist Tool

Not everyone on your team can be expected to be a 5-star communicator during every exchange. With the help of our AI-powered Writing Assist Tool, take the guesswork out of communicating with your customers and guests and leverage technology to ensure you are being effective when you are writing.

Depending on the type of exchange you are having, you have two options in the AI-Powered writing assist tool; Make More Friendly and Make More Professional.

Before sending a message, users can use this feature to alter the message to read friendlier or more professional. Selecting this option will allow AI to rewrite any text that is written within the comment box before sending.

Beta: AI-Powered Features in Loop

As with all new features, and AI-specifically, it’s a tool to help you improve your workflows, but it will not be perfect. There will be no replacing the human touch when it comes to customer engagements and interactions. These AI-powered features are meant to help speed up repetitive tasks, and offer consistency in some of your communications. I have no doubt that the AI will occasionally spit out something that doesn’t make sense. Always read when it produces to ensure that it understands what you are looking for.

The innovation of ChatGPT lies in its ability to understand and generate natural language at a level that was previously thought to be impossible for machines. By leveraging massive amounts of data and sophisticated algorithms, ChatGPT represents a major breakthrough in the field of natural language processing and has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with machines and with each other.

Want to learn more about our innovation with AI-Assisted Features for Loop? Reach out to us to discuss more!

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