Tips and Tools: Encouraging Customers to Use Loop®

Encouraging your customers to use the Loop® platform is critical for program success. The more familiar customers are with the platform and the more they use it, the more data you acquire, which means more insight on how you can better tailor your business operations and offerings.

In this tips and tools post, we break down how your team can effectively encourage customers to use the Loop® platform to obtain the most insight from your program:

Send Thoughtful Invitations

Sending invitations is a great tactic to opening up a dialogue between your customers and team members. Using Loop Messenger™, you are able to send thoughtful and personalized invitations before the customer even steps foot into your establishment, making a great first impression.

By sending an invitation on Loop Messenger™ you make the platform familiar to the customer right out of the gate. In addition, you can use the invitation to make accessing the platform more convenient. By including a link or providing steps to access the platform the customer will feel more inclined to use it. Throw into the mix using the channel of their choice and you’ve maximized their likelihood of Loop® usage.

When crafting your invitation, remember to be friendly and add a personal touch whenever you can. If you are a hotel, something as simple as:

“Hello Jana, we are so excited to have you visit us.

If you have any special requests before you arrive, you can send our team a message by clicking here.”

This simple invite can really set the tone for the rest of their stay. Even if they chose to not respond they’ll remember you reaching out to them and feel more inclined to send you a message later, should they have a request.

Strategically Place Loop Collateral

A great way to keep the Loop® platform top of mind for your customers is to remind them during multiple touchpoints in their buying journey. This can be achieved by strategically placing branded collateral around your establishment.

The goal of the collateral should be to encourage Loop® usage and make accessing Loop® simple and effective. To do this, try adding step by step instructions on collateral to access the web interface or provide URL’s that customers can use to access the platform. Whatever the method, having collateral placed throughout your venue will help keep customers informed and alert.

To have the most effective program, try placing collateral around key areas of your establishment that you know your customers will see. For example, a nightstand in a hotel, a cocktail menu at a restaurant, or by the cash register at a retail shop – are all great places to increase visibility and platform usage.

Have Team Members Introduce It

Whether it is a concierge, a server or a sales associate, having team members introduce the Loop® platform during any face to face conversation is a great way to encourage usage. This is because customers on occasion can get caught up in their own dealings and not take note of signage or may disregard messages you have sent. Having a face to face conversation can ensure that your message is getting across and they are aware of it.

To be most effective, have your team members bring it up during a pivotal moment of contact. For instance, if a guest is checking into your hotel, have the concierge mention Loop Messenger™ and how they can order room service at any point of their stay. If your customers are asking for the bill at your restaurant, have the server mention Loop Pulse™ and how valuable their feedback is. It’s little face to face comments that can make all the difference.

Encouraging customers to use the Loop® platform is a great way to amp up data received. Having more data means making more informed decisions which in the long run can help you successfully map out your product offerings and improve business operations.


Looking for more ways to engage customers? Download our latest white paper: The New Voice of The Customer, for insight on what customers really want from your business.

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