Tips and Tools: Using Scripted Responses


Along with its messaging capabilities, Loop allows staff members to program scripted responses to send to guests in different scenarios. Scripted responses have multiple benefits. They give guests the information they need as fast as possible, as staff members do not have to manually respond to every single request or comment. Simultaneously, this enables staff to assist more guests over time, which in turn lowers labor costs and maximizes revenue.

Here are some tips and best practices for configuring a scripted response. Sending quick replies to the guest is a simple matter.

  1. Log in to the Loop back end as an administrator. Note: Only administrators have access to this feature.
  1. Select “Content” from the menu bar at the top of the screen and scroll down the options to select “Responses.”
  1. Here, the administrator can create a new scripted response or edit a response from an existing list.

It’s always important to keep in mind the context of the situation when deciding whether to send a quick reply. While scripted responses are ideal for requests and positive comments, other scenarios call for a more personal touch.

Use quick replies to give guests the information they need faster.
By pre-programming responses to common questions — such as information about the best local attractions, restaurants, and shops — hotel staff can send off a reply as soon as it’s received rather than have to research the answers or type up a fresh response every time. This is especially useful because the guest’s question may be time-sensitive if, for example, they are already on their way out the door to go eat.

Use scripted responses in the appropriate situations.
In cases where guests have a request or a positive comment, they may not even expect a response. Nevertheless, it is still important to acknowledge their message. This shows them that you value their business and allows you to thank them again for helping you improve your brand.

In cases where a negative comment has been received, you can use a scripted response to acknowledge the complaint, but just make sure you have a staff member follow up with them personally as soon as possible. It is better to address the issue with a customized response right from the get-go. Generally, upset guests want to feel their concerns are being heard and taken care of by a real person.

When drafting responses, make sure they sound natural.
Your guest may already know the response is automated, but for the most part, people still want to feel like they’re talking to a human being, so keep the dialogue natural and polite. If possible, ask your staff what they would say in different situations and write down their responses verbatim — just make sure you give them a polish before you finalize them!

Have you used Loop to send a scripted response? Let us know about your experience in the comments, or on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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