Bridging the Generation Gap in Hospitality Tech Infographic

When it comes to marketing and developing new products and services, hospitality brands are met with a very unique challenge: determining what will appeal to the three generations that are currently traveling — the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. They must also look ahead to a fourth generation, Generation Z, the members of which will soon be embarking on adventures of their own.

Though there are similarities in the way these generations travel, there are also some marked differences. While Baby Boomers view their smartphones as a convenience when they travel, they do not consider it an essential part of the trip the same way Millennials do. According to Nielsen research, more than 85 percent of Millennials own a smartphone, and 80 percent of them can’t even go to bed unless their phone is within arm’s reach.

There are differences in the experiences they seek, as well. Now entering retirement, Baby Boomers are keen to discover their ancestry and to reconnect with their ancestral homelands. Generation X, meanwhile, are raising families of their own and are as likely to travel with their children as they are to travel for business. And for Millennials, nothing beats a good adventure trip — a white water rafting excursion, perhaps, or an African safari.

This hospitality tech infographic includes some statistics and facts that are key to understanding the travel habits and preferences of each generation.


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