5 Steps To Engage Customers With a POS Channel

Traditionally, point of sale (POS) has been recognized as the end of a customer experience. A customer approaches the till, an employee checks them out, and they’re on their way. 

But what if there was a way to maximize on this touchpoint. 

An opportunity to build a deeper connection with the customer and drive repeat business. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how to reimagine the POS channel, and utilize QR codes to engage and drive long-term loyalty. 

5 Steps To Drive More Engagement With Your POS Channel

1. Get Personal

According to reports, 71% of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal. In addition, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.

Finalizing a sale on POS is one of the final in-person touch-points of the experience, so you want to engage customers to continue the conversation digitally. This means leaving a lasting impression.

Train employees to get personal with customers, ask how their day is going and how they enjoyed their experience. It’s important to frequently use their name, reference the product or service they bought and, of course, always welcome them back. 

2. Add a QR Code to Your Receipt

In an effort to maximize engagement, utilizing a QR code is an effective way to encourage customers to connect again and leave their experience feedback. QR codes can be added to a plethora of collateral like receipts, kiosks, signage, cards, and more. For instance, with the Loop Experience Platform, adding a QR code to a Volante Systems receipt is one way to expand your feedback reach. See all the integration partners that The Loop Experience Platform works with.

Further, directing the QR code to fill out a survey, coupon redemption, newsletter sign-up, or simply viewing a featured product or service, is a great opportunity to encourage more conversation and repeat visits. 

3. Direct Customers to a POS Feedback Survey 

As mentioned in the last point, using a QR code to share your experience survey can help you gather the information you need to be successful. 

When designing your survey, make sure to include key question types like NPS, CSAT, and CES, in addition to more detailed oriented questions like; “What would you like us to improve in your next experience”. Remember, the survey should be relevant to the overall experience and should include questions that allow you to take action and close the conversation on a positive note.

4. Continue the Conversation and Follow-Up

After a customer has filled out a survey or simply provided feedback, it’s essential to follow up. Whether you decide to send them a reward for taking the time to fill out the survey or taking action on a negative experience, reconnecting ensures that you’ve heard their concerns. 

A follow-up is also an opportunity to prompt the customer with an option to opt into your marketing emails. Continue the relationship you’re building by sending engaging and relevant content. 

Pro tip: Remember that a customer has to opt into your emails in order for you to start sending them promotional content. Sending them branded information without an opt-in can mark you as spam and build distrust with your customers. 

5. Leverage POS Survey Data To Continuously Engage 

Lastly, to continuously engage, it’s key to gather and analyze the data from your customers. A survey provides you with direct insight into what customers want and how to cater to their needs throughout the experience. 

Measuring data over time can help you pinpoint areas of improvement. Further, if you’re utilizing a customer experience tool like the Loop Experience Platform, you can see feedback and responses in real time. Make adjustments in the moment and build reports that allow you to share information with your team. 

Pro Tip: Set some time aside to go over the analytics you’ve captured and identify key opportunities for improvement. Keep in mind that this is an evolving process and your progress should be continuously monitored. 

The Benefits of QR Codes

As we previously mentioned, QR codes are an amazing way to stay on top of customer relationships and engage customers well after the journey is over. Whether you choose to print your QR code on a physical receipt or have it attached to an emailed one, here we wanted to highlight the benefits of using a QR code.  

Quick and Easy 

QR codes are a quick and easy way for customers to interact with your business. It’s low effort, customers scan with their phone and they’re directed to your survey. Easy access means they’re more likely to fill it out. 

More Customer Data

More scans means more data from your customers and more insight to improve the experience. Track your success and routinely rotate questions to get the most information from your customers. 

Access Online and Offline

QR codes are accessible both online and offline. Forward an email to a customer you’ve serviced or print it on a receipt

Greater Loyalty

With a QR code placed on a receipt, you give your customers a reason to connect with you and share information. Aside from closing the experience on a positive note, you also gather key data to improve their experience and the experience of future customers.

Meeting Contactless Preferences

It’s no surprise that customers are still vying for contactless options. With QR codes, you meet customer preferences while streamlining the ability to send surveys and gather information. It’s a win-win for your customer and team. 

Easy Upkeep

Design your QR code to fit your brand standards and deploy it on your channel or collateral of choice. With a QR code, it’s as easy as; create, deploy, measure.

The Loop Experience Difference

Whether you have a Loop account or looking to adopt a CX solution, Loop is a holistic platform that can provide you with the benefits of a QR code, and much more. 

Available in a number of different formats such as table tent cards, pull-out banners, kiosks prompts, business cards, and more, your business can customize your QR code to fit your unique needs. 

Further, you can get access to a suite of robust data and analytics to propel future initiatives. Track trending topics, customer sentiment, high volume response times and more to continuously propel your business. 

Wan to leave a lasting impression with your customers at check-put? Learn how you can create QR codes for your receipts. Connect with us today.

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