Greater Feedback

Initiate More Customer Conversations

Engage customers at each relevant touchpoint, gaining feedback during each step of the customer journey. From evaluating the state of the location and friendliness of staff on site, to feedback on the food quality and menu selections after the guest has left, have the opportunity to collect greater feedback on the overall customer experience.  

Real-Time Recovery

Get Real-Time Insight into the Customer Experience

Collect feedback in real time, and have the opportunity to recover at-risk customers in the moment. Identify areas of service issues in real-time offering the ability to resolve situations before the overall customer experience is impacted. 

Insights to Improve

Leverage Data to Improve Processes

Collect data on quality, menu items, service delivery, staff and facilities. Use this data to improve processes, operations and focus training on areas that matter most. Review data in custom dashboards to identify trends and review overall performance by location, date and time. Offer specific dashboards to various stakeholders for them to view the data that matters most to them. 


An Introduction to Touchpoints & Channels

Implementing and managing channels is complex and hard to do — especially as new channels and touchpoints continue to emerge. To ensure success, it’s crucial to use the right channel at the right moment for your customers.

Complete Solutions For The Customer-Centric Businesses

The Loop Experience Platform helps to deliver a better overall service experience, can help improve your survey scores, and supports stronger customer relationships to increase loyalty.

Measure Everywhere

Measure every step along the customer journey and compare performance across multiple touch points. Whether you want to measure by physical location or through online mediums, you can truly measure everywhere.

Mobilize Your Team

Allow team members to access customer feedback and comments and respond to those at risk on a unified company platform. As a mobile app, your team can route feedback to the right people in real-time.

Multi-channel Engagement

Receive and respond to messages from customers in a faster and more efficient manner. Manage social, in-app, SMS text, and email messages from a unified inbox, greatly improving engagement.

Improve the Customer Experience

Make adjustments at your establishments from the feedback collected to meet the specific preferences of your customers.

Leverage Feedback to Focus the Business

Use feedback from guests to reduce your overall training costs and improve its impact, by focusing on what matters most – be it cleanliness, customer service, food preparation, and more.

Obtain Useful Customer Data

Review the guest experience data collected for any period with rich reporting tools. Understand trends and issues for a given month, shift or time of day so you can better tailor service.

“One of the best features of the loop system is that I can see direct live feedback from customers thus allowing me to adjust service if needed. Also, having a report sent daily allows for me to easily see trends day over day.”

Kenneth Webster
General Manager, Sodexo Canada
A Solution For Your Unique Requirements

The Loop Experience Platform Offers Flexibility for Your Unique Needs

Have the flexibility and agility to manage how you collect data and respond to feedback. With the Loop Experienc Platform, you have the freedom to deploy a program that best meets your needs.  

Real Time Messaging

Improve Customer Experience Through Real Time Contactless Communication

Receive a personalized demo from a customer experience specialist.

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