Improve Travel Experience

Collect Feedback and Improve Lounge Experience

Collect travellers feedback in your lounge to provide customers the maximum luxury travel experience. Measure and respond to customers in real time across multiple touch-points across the lounge. From food service to cleanliness measure the customer experience and improve loyalty. 

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Real Time Messaging

Faster Response Times

Decrease the amount of time it takes to respond to customer inquiries, regardless of the channel they choose to message you on. Engage the airport lounge customer in the moment of truth and ensure they have everything they need to be comfortable during their visit. This ensures repeat visit on return flights and good reputation through word-of-mouth to other travellers. 

Complaint Resolution

Follow-up on In-The-Moment

Handle at-risk customers as the situation unfolds in real time. Know if there’s an issue with service, food quality or staffing shortages and work to resolve it in the moment resulting in customer loyalty. By preventing a negative experience from leaving the facility you’re protecting your brand reputation and avoiding any potential negative reviews about the experience. 

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Reporting Requirements for Clients & Company Stakeholders

Effectively Handle the Data You Collect in a Meaningful Way

Use Loop’s powerful reporting tools to effectively analyze the data you collect and relay reports to key stakeholders in the organization. Whether you are managing Loop directly for your business or you are managing it for a client, have the data you need to track trends and report on key KPIs. 

Touchpoints and Channels ebook

An Introduction to Touchpoints & Channels

Today, many customers expect businesses to communicate over their preferred channel. But implementing and managing channels is complex and hard to do — especially as new channels and touchpoints continue to emerge. To ensure success, it’s crucial to use the right channel at the right moment for your customers.


Complete Solutions For The Customer-Centric Businesses

The Loop Experience Platform helps to deliver a better overall service experience, can help improve your survey scores, and supports stronger customer relationships to increase loyalty.

Measure Customer Loyalty

Inquire about your customer’s experience with timely post-sale or service NPS surveys- providing timely insights to improve service and customer loyalty.

Real-Time Responses

Quickly search and select common phrases so you can respond to passenger messages with a greater degree of consistency and efficiency – improving overall sentiment.

Useful Analytics

Collect relevant data on the customer experience from an hourly, shift, and daily basis – use reporting tools to understand customer trends and issues in real-time.

Mobile Engagement

Be available on multiple channels and encourage conversation online. With in-the-moment notifications, you can ensure customer queries are answered promptly and effectively.

Omni-Channel Messaging

Obtain valuable feedback from your passengers across a variety of online and offline channels – including kiosks, native app’s, tablets, web sites, and social messaging channels.

More Efficient Operations

Auto-route specific inquiries to their corresponding departments so they’re resolved promptly. Escalate messages to a specific team based on availability or seniority.

Everything is pretty much at a glance. I can look at all my locations as a whole or individually and see exactly how our guests have ranked our services in real time on the website. I also like that I receive an email also in real time every time a guest submits a comment as well as I receive a Daily Digest which summarizes each of my locations’ information from the day before. Very useful. Overall very very good. If I ever have an issue or can’t find what I am looking for I send an email or call and they respond right away with my information as well as take the time to walk me through how to do it.

Samantha Jeffrey
Operations Analyst
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