Tips and Tools: Side-Bar Navigation Introduction

Here at Benbria®, we always work to make improvements and enhance our Loop® product so you can deliver the best service to your customers. We want our users to enjoy a seamless experience that’s not only easy to manage on the administrative end but effortless for the customer as well.

With the new Side-Bar Navigation concept, you can easily manage your conversations, reporting, and so much more from one convenient location, allowing you to streamline how you use Loop.

As a tool to help you better understand the new menu design we’ve created a break down of the changes and what you can expect to see in this newly enhanced interface:

Accessing the New Menu

To access the Loop menu, you must login with your Loop credentials. The login experience has remained the same, asking for the user to provide a valid username and password.

So, What’s New?

Once logged in as a user, you are brought to the home page showcasing our new look and feel; and a more clean and simplistic look.   Below are two images which show the old interface and the new one:

With this new look and feel we’ve introduced a new side-bar navigation tool. Instead of having a toggle bar menu at the top left-hand corner of the home screen, you now have a fixed side-bar navigation concept on the left-hand side. This blue side-bar contains 5 white icons for 5 different features – similar to that of the old menu:

  • The speech bubble representing the inbox
  • The graph icon representing the reporting dashboard
  • The person icon representing your profile
  • The gear representing the settings page
  • And lastly the circled question mark to direct you to support

In addition to these icons, a few style changes have been implemented that we’d like to explain:

Breaking Down the Major Changes


With the new inbox look and feel you now have a clean and organized view of all conversations with the option to view archived conversations as well. For this particular feature, what was previously referred to as “inbox” is now referred to as “conversations” – to better reflect this being the source for all guest or customer conversations. In addition, these options are no longer in the toggle menu, but are now fixed as white buttons at the top of the page. 

Reporting Dashboard

The reporting dashboard gives you a view of “Loops” and “Answers”, the same options as before. The change here? “Loops” and “Answers” used to be displayed in the toggle menu at the top left-hand corner, but with the new side-bar navigation they are now fixed as white buttons at the top of the page.


The biggest change with the menu is the name change of “Admin” to the name “Settings”. All the capabilities that used to be featured in “Admin” are now available under “Settings”, aside from “Profile” which is now it’s own icon. The “Settings” icon lets you view “Locations” and “Account” details which are the same as before. In addition, instead of a drop down menu, the settings options are now fixed on the top bar.


 This icon is a new option in your side-bar menu. Instead of living under the “Admin” section, this now lives on its own, and is where you can view your complete “User Profile”. The features and capabilities have remained the same as in the previous version.


In addition to the changes to the main menu features, we have also relocated the language selection from the top right-hand corner of your menu screen and transformed it into a new toggle at the bottom left-hand corner of the fixed side-bar. Clicking on EN “English”, will generate a list of available languages. In this example your user can choose from EN/English or FR/French.

With the new release you can be sure that your brand will continue to stay at the forefront of guest engagement while staff using the platform will experience a cleaner and more intuitive interface for quickly finding the tools and features they need to get the most out of Loop.

What are some features you’d like to see in upcoming enhancements? Let us know in the comments, or on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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