Centralizing Location-Based Feedback

Collecting valuable information from customers and communicating in a timely manner is essential for any thriving business.

So what happens when your business has multiple key touchpoints that you want to measure in a single property?

For many, it can be difficult to target various touchpoints, obtain reliable feedback at every moment of truth – all while communicating to customers in real-time. Especially without the right tools, you can find yourself missing opportunities to collect feedback, while having a siloed view of business data.

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case.

In this blog post, we’re taking a look at centralizing location-based feedback, an effective method to engage customers and collect feedback.

What Does It Mean To Centralize Location-Based Feedback?

Centralized location feedback, commonly referred to as “Location-Based Research” is a method of collecting feedback while a customer is on-site. Using Geo-Fence technology, businesses can target customers who are actually in the perimeter of a critical “touchpoint” in order to obtain data that is relevant and timely. Only people within the geofence area can be prompted, making for more relevant feedback. As a whole, it’s a great way to measure and adjust specific touchpoints, while mapping the entire customer experience. 

The Benefits of Location-Based Feedback and Messaging

With centralized location-based feedback comes a mammoth of benefits. Here we touch on the top ones.

A More Targeted Approach To Surveying

With centralized location-based feedback, you target customers on-site that are directly using your services or purchasing your product. This means you obtain feedback directly tied to the in-the-moment experience. Further, you deter unnecessary or unreliable feedback by only allowing those within the GeoFence to submit feedback.

As an example, if you’re a school collecting feedback at the cafeteria from those who actually spend time dining inside, using  location-based feedback, you avoid comments from people who haven’t visited your cafeteria and cater to those who actually use the space.

Reliable In-The Moment Feedback

As previously mentioned, only those who are on-site can be targeted with feedback surveys. This means that data is much more reliable and tailored to the direct touchpoint, so you can improve service. In addition, once they fill out their survey, all location-based information is provided back to management in real-time. This provides businesses with the ability to respond to customer queries during their moment of truth and recover at-risk guests. This keeps true to the notion of capturing true in-moment feedback, while someone is on-site.

Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience – Everywhere

With location-based feedback, you can ensure that all touchpoints in the customer experience are delivering the consistent experience your brand prides itself on. With it, you can manage customer feedback from all touchpoints in real-time and make changes to applicable touchpoints to ensure the experience is seamless. In addition, if you’re leveraging a sophisticated feedback system you can see and compare touchpoints including; where customers are writing in from, what their complaints/compliments state is, and how to adjust it so that all touchpoints remain intact. This can further help with a business spend, and where to appropriately distribute resources. 

Centralize Location-Based Feedback with The Loop Experience Platform

When it comes to centralizing feedback collected from various locations, it’s important that you adopt a sophisticated platform that has the capabilities to not only centralize location-based information but also dissect it into data you can use to improve the experience. Here we talk about a number of features within The Loop Experience Platform that allow you to do just that.

Encourage Feedback on Multiple Channels

Obtain feedback from the channels your customers use most frequently. When it comes to offering an unparalleled customer experience, it’s important to offer channels that resonate with the customer in order to increase response rates and improve customer satisfaction.

With Loop, you can send feedback links using popular channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM and more, or you can provide tent cards and posters with scannable QR codes. What’s more, with Loop all conversations from each touchpoint are siloed into one consolidated inbox – so you don’t have to keep toggling through tabs.

Offer Centralized Feedback From Multiple Devices

With The Loop Experience Platform, customers not only send feedback from various channels, but employees can also view them from multiple devices. Whether on the go with a mobile app or stationed at a desktop at the office, feedback can be viewed and easily accessible within a single inbox, wherever you or your employees choose.

Holistic View of Data

With the Loop Experience Platform, you can get both a holistic and granular view of business performance. Get a daily, weekly, monthly or custom time period view of all your location-based information to compare and report on. Further, with Loop’s custom dashboards you can design boards that highlight each role and location to ensure you obtain optimal insights from each touchpoint and provide consistent experiences. Whether you select from a suite of pre-defined visualizations or create a custom panel, dashboards can be easily exported into PDF reports for additional productivity.

Discover Trending Topics and Adjust Fast

With the Loop Experience Platform, you can leverage advanced text analytics to capture customer sentiment, understand motivations, and uncover opportunities at scale. Using the array of Loop features, you can easily surface trending topics and customer preferences, to evolve programs and ensure employees are trained effectively.

Using trending topics by location, you can better understand which touchpoint needs adjustment. In addition, noticing trends and obtaining critical data can help you compare across locations to set a performance benchmark for loyalty, satisfaction and effort.

Save Time With Consolidated Messaging

For employees, it can be time-consuming to constantly monitor and flip between different channels, while also waiting for conversations to populate. Especially if you have one employee managing all conversations from your array of touchpoints. 

With a solution that offers centralized location-based feedback, customer messages are housed all in one consolidated inbox. That means all customer messages and feedback, regardless of touchpoint or channel, are brought into one central view. Whether it be a Facebook message regarding your lounge or an email about your concierge, you can ensure all messages are read and organized.

Looking to start centralizing your feedback and messaging into one sophisticated platform? Speak to one of our customer service representatives and discover why the Loop Experience Platform might be for you. 

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