How Insight From Your Kiosk Can Propel Your Brand

Providing your customers with a great experience can really set you apart from your competitors. According to a Gartner survey, organizations that take customer experience seriously will stand out from the noise and win loyal customers over.

It’s imperative then to understand what consumers want and how to cater to their needs.

Kiosks designed to collect customer feedback are an amazing way to do just that.  Not only are they a fun way for customers to interact with brands, but they also allow brands to collect a number of useful insights. Insights that can propel a brand substantially.

Here are four ways insights gathered from your on-site customer survey or feedback kiosk can help you boost your bottom line and generate more loyal customers:

Deliver Higher Quality Service

A brand can’t provide better service day after day to customers if they don’t know what needs improvement. An electronic scoreboard connected with your feedback-gathering kiosk provides insights that motivate front-line staff.

The kiosk will allow customers to rate their overall customer satisfaction and in real-time the results will be displayed on a board in the back of house. Keeping your staff in the loop on how they’re performing.

If, for instance, you recognize that employees are consistently rated poorly on timely execution of meals, it might be worth looking into how your brand can speed up food delivery, to ensure the best customer service.

Improve Operations

A great kiosk feedback service will collect data on an hourly, shift, and daily basis, then deliver a suite of reporting tools that shows dates and times where service and operations can be improved.

For instance, with a detailed report you’ll know what times of day to schedule more staff and when to scale back. If your rush hour is 5:00p.m to 7:00p.m and the number of staff you have working stays the same throughout the day, you could see a drop in service performance during rush hours. If that’s the case, you may need to have more staff working during that time.


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Motivate and Retain Employees

An ideal kiosk-based feedback or survey provider will have scoreboards that gamify the work environment by providing real-time insights on an team’s performance.

Having employees visualize their customer service is a great motivator for continuous self-improvement. Not only will it motivate them in real time but managers can additionally use these ratings in team meetings to show teammates where improvement is required and to hype up the need to beat previous customer satisfaction scores. It becomes competitive, motivates staff to do better, and makes their work place exciting and fun.

Real-Time Two-Way Engagement

According to Annalect, 78 percent of consumers want to see more on-site digital tools.

Instant and reliable two-way messaging means customers’ issues can be heard and resolved promptly, ensuring they leave the premises feeling more positive, satisfied, and willing to return.

If a customer is upset about their service and rates the establishment terribly using a kiosk while on site, employees and managers can see it in real-time. This gives them an opportunity to recover the customer before they leave and resolve the bad experience with a face-to-face conversation.

From motivating front-line team members and helping businesses identify operational strengths and weaknesses, having a kiosk that allows for real-time feedback is an integral part of building a positive overall experience. It also helps you recover at-risk customers, improve social reviews, and generating more revenue from return visits.


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