8 Qualities To Look For In An Experience Platform Dashboard

When it comes to delivering an exceptional customer experience, having real-time actionable data at your fingertips is critical.

Thankfully, with a customer experience platform dashboard, you can access real-time customer data quickly and effectively so your team can be armed with the right tools to improve the overall experience.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the top qualities to look for in a sophisticated customer experience platform dashboard to ensure you’re investing your capital in the right tools.

What Is An Experience Platform Dashboard?

Before diving into the considerable qualities of an experience platform dashboard, it’s important to fully understand what a dashboard is and how it can benefit you.

For customer experience professionals, a reporting dashboard is a tool to gain a consolidated view of customer and business data. Sharing insights from various touchpoints of the customer journey, a dashboard is composed of multiple pages and more often visualizes data in the form of tables, charts and graphs. For a business, dashboards hold considerable value for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly operations and often influence employee motivation, customer satisfaction, and operational performance. It’s a destination for a holistic view of business performance.

8 Qualities To Look For In An Experience Platform Dashboard

When looking for a customer experience platform, a functional dashboard with advantageous features should be considered. Here we highlight the 8 qualities to look for in an experience platform dashboard.

A User-Friendly Interface

Ensuring the platform is user-friendly is critical to ensure ease of use and that team members can have a clear understanding of metrics. When looking for a customer experience platform, consider a dashboard that is intuitive to the average user and isn’t overly complex.

For example, the Loop Experience Platform dashboard was designed with ease of use in mind. Holding simple, yet effective features such as drag and drop data, you can build a custom dashboard that suits your unique needs, rather than spending time consolidating data manually, you can drop it into your dashboard and have access to it instantly.

Insight Into Key Metrics

Your customer experience dashboard should be able to provide an overview of key metrics critical to enhancing your business. Metrics such as NPS, CSAT and CES surveys should be visible in order to help you identify trends and sentiments of the customer throughout various journey touchpoints.

What’s more, with the right dashboards, you should be able to view these metrics and other customer experience data in an actionable way to identify trends across multiple locations.

Real-Time Experience Updates

A fortified customer experience dashboard should be able to provide real-time updates on customer experience. Whether it is the cleanliness of a restaurant or employee service, having real-time insight can help recover at-risk customers and provide employees with data on performance to correct in-the-moment sentiment.

Customizable Visuals

Tailor your business’s dashboard experience to suit your visual needs. With an ideal platform, you’ll be able to leverage a range of options such as line graphs, bar graphs, tables, heat maps, and numbers, with specific data defined by a set of criteria selected from filtering.

When selecting a customer experience platform, ensure the dashboard function can be modified to suit your business’s unique needs. Having visual points of reference that resonate, can help you better recognize and digest customer and employee trends.

Ability To Compare Time Frames

Today static data is no longer enough. An ideal customer experience platform dashboard will allow businesses to see a range of time frames and compare them against each other in order to understand progress. With this, you can easily determine at a glance where to better allocate time, capital, and resources.

Take the Loop Experience Platform dashboard as an example. With the Loop platform, you can get a glance of measurements including cleanliness, service, quality, and additional CX metrics over 30 days, the last 7 days, or a customized period of time. Using Loop you can even set filters in order to showcase valuable trends over a specific period of time. Not only does this help operationally but it also gives you a better understanding of customer preferences and motives.

Insight Into Employee Performance

It goes without question that learning about customer preferences is essential to improving the overall experience, however, understanding employee experience is just as important. They interact with your customer directly and ultimately determine the flow of your business daily.

With a powerful dashboard you can see customer response times, sentiment analysis, response counts, customer comments, and more, over a period of time to understand trends in employee performance. Using these insights, you can modify employee training, commend specific employees or adjust work schedules to improve overall service.

Quick Access To Internal Communication

When selecting an ideal customer experience management system, ensuring communication with team members is consistent is imperative. With data flowing in from the customer and employee experience it’s important to leverage that information so employees can easily take action.

With The Loop Experience Platform dashboard, you can toggle over to customer conversations and tag colleagues in messages for collaboration. In addition, you can escalate particular conversations for immediate visibility and action. It’s a unified way to ensure that employees are always in the know of their performance.

Why The Loop Experience Platform Dashboard Is The Ideal Choice

For years, The Loop Experience Platform has been the choice of the most customer-centric brands.

With Loop, you not only get access to a range of the dashboard functionalities mentioned, but you also obtain a complete experience platform that houses both customer messaging and measurement capabilities. With a unified inbox supporting multiple messaging channels, in-moment customer surveys, and an advanced reporting and analytics suite, the Loop Experience Platform is the ideal tool to engage with customers everywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a dashboard with an intuitive interface, real-time insight, or effortless communication, the Loop Experience Platform has you covered with a holistic platform designed to fit your business’s needs.

For more information on tools and reporting, check out our Support Center for more information. For more on our latest custom dashboard enhancement visit our latest blog Build Your Own Custom Dashboards with the Loop Experience Platform

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