See What’s New: Loop 4.7 Release

The focus of this release surrounded the implementation of new features and workflows including dashboard subscriptions, channel management, and room management. Existing features were enhanced to improve organization and visibility across Loop. Additionally, several enhancements were implemented to improve the application’s usability and performance.

New Features

Dashboard Subscriptions

Loop 360 users can now configure dashboard subscriptions to be distributed to specific account users. This is possible through interacting with the new dashboard subscription icon positioned at the top left of the dashboards page.

Clicking the icon shown above will open a new modal where the details of the dashboard subscription can be viewed and modified. From this modal, users can modify:

  • Frequency of delivery

  • Time of delivery

  • Time zone

  • Recipients

  • Pause/unpause

If configured to be distributed weekly, an additional field will become available to control which day of the week the distribution occurs.

If configured to be distributed monthly, two additional fields will appear to offer more control over the distribution schedule. These fields are:

  • Specific

  • Relative

The “Specific” option will allow users to distribute dashboards on specific days of the month, while the “Relative” option offers the ability to distribute at a specified relative frequency (i.e. every two weeks).

Channel Management

Loop 360 users can now manage their distribution channel settings from the settings page.

The cards shown on this page can be expanded to see a full list of the channels associated with a given channel type.

Clicking on any channel in this list will allow the user to modify its details. Fields that can be modified from this page include:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Location

  • Subdomain

  • Track guest record

Room Management

Users can now manage rooms from the settings page in Loop 360. A list of rooms is shown which users can interact with to edit their details.

Interacting with the edit button shown to the right of each room on the list will allow users to edit its details.

Interacting with the “Add” button will display a modal, allowing users to create a new room.

Interacting with the “Import CSV” button will allow users to import multiple rooms from a .csv file.

Key Feature Enhancements

Email Template Organization

Loop 360 users will see the layout of email templates improve within the project distributions page. Templates are now arranged as tiles in a grid format to promote ease of use.

Licensing Indication

Licensing usage is now visible with the introduction of new visuals across various pages within Loop 360. The pages in which these visuals exist include:

  • User Settings

  • Channel Settings

  • Room Settings

Product Enhancements

In addition to these new features, several enhancements have been made across Loop to improve its performance and usability.

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