Tips and Tools: Encouraging Loop® Usage By Team Members

The Loop® platform is your key to streamlined communication with your customers. With it, team members can provide quicker request fulfillment, easily manage messages, measure the customer experience and auto route tasks to specific teams.

Before engaging your customers however, it is important your team members are familiar with it’s capabilities and are using it consistently.

In this tips and tools post we go over the best ways management can encourage team members to use the platform to deliver long-term results:

Incorporate In Training

Incorporating the Loop® platform into team training lays the groundwork for getting your team to use it and promote it to customers. Especially in the case of onboard training, it ensures your team members are familiar with the platform’s capabilities, right out of the gate.

When training, take a deep dive into the platform’s functions and answer any questions team members might have before they begin using it. Management can walk employees through how to utilize Loop correctly – including how to address message escalations, where they can find pre-populated templates, and so on.

Lastly, it’s important that with the introduction of Loop you set expectations in terms of time to respond and how they should be representing your brand when interacting with customers. Training them on the proper usage of the platform will make them more comfortable and encourage them to use it more frequently.

Gamify The Experience

A popular way of encouraging team member usage is by gamifying the customer service experience.

With gamification integrated into the workplace the job itself becomes a fun and enjoyable experience that encourages team members to excel at everyday duties and consistently recommend the platform to customers.

Loop Pulse™ allows customers to rate multiple aspects of their experience and when incorporated with the Loop® Scoreboard, gives team members real time visibility in the form of a counting performance grade. By having that real time visibility into their performance and its impact on the customer experience, they become competitive with their previous scores and those from other locations.This encourages them to pay attention to their actions and the means by which they can personally impact service quality.

For management, you can set the bar at weekly meetings or provide a reward that motivates employees. With recognition, or a tangible reward from gamification, you give team members an incentive to not only exceed at work but also to consistently use and promote the platform.

Provide Measurable KPI’s

Providing team members with monthly or weekly key performance indicators (KPI’s) is a great way to ensure that team members are using the platform and embracing its importance.

With features such as sentiment analysis and survey scoring it’s easy for management to track performance and encourage employee activity on the Loop platform. Begin measuring progress and hold team members accountable for great or poor customer service.  Using numbers straight from the platform will give them an incentive to actively engage with it.

Encouraging your team members to use Loop is imperative to streamline communication with customers and to encourage usage of feedback features like kiosks. By incorporating one or all of these tips, you are well on your way to having more engaged and active team members on the Loop platform.

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