How Facility Managers Can Optimize Workflows With a Feedback Tool

With hectic schedules, managing multiple teams and properties, and strategizing operations for the future, the facility managers have a lot on their plate. 

And while these items are unavoidable, there is a way to streamline processes to alleviate redundancy and minimize stress. 

In this blog, we’re looking at the benefits of a measurement tool and how facility managers can optimize their workflows by using one.

How Facility Managers Can Benefit from a Measurement Tool

As a facilities managers, your goal is to ensure all operations run smoothly. That means, teams are doing their job efficiently, building amenities are working effectively, that cleanliness is up to standard and much more.

However, in most instances personnel using your facilities won’t go out of their way to immediately report issues they see in common areas. This means managers are constantly having to assign personnel to monitor spaces and ensure everything is up to standard. 

This can get costly and time-consuming. 

However, with a measurement tool, folks using your facilities can provide their feedback on site easily. The benefits of this are far-reaching and here we’ll touch on just a few. 

Firstly, by using a measurement tool, you can obtain more insight to help address issues and better understand operations. This allows you to allocate capital and resources more effectively. 

Additionally, measuring over time can provide you with insight into common trends in operations. For example; How often do items need to be repaired? How often should cleaning take place? Are standards being upheld by staff? Seeing this regular cadence of data allows you to monitor recurring issues and address them.

Thirdly, a measurement tool can showcase what vendors or partners enhance or detract from the facility experience. Whether you’re working with external companies on repairs or using a specific branded product for your bathrooms, feedback can help determine the performance and continued use of that vendor. 

Lastly, a measurement tool can ensure you’re consistently meeting your targets with actionable data. Whether budgeting for facility items or looking to understand the overall satisfaction of personnel, it’s helpful to ensure you’re on the right track.

How a Feedback Tool Helps Optimize Workflows in Facilities Management 

Take Real-Time Action

A major pain point for facility managers is not being aware of an issue occurring on site. If no one reports it how would you know what to fix and where? Having a kiosk or QR Code in designated areas, you can encourage folks to submit requests. Further, with a solution like Loop, everything is in real-time. Your team can instantly see how your facility is performing to take action in the moment. 

This optimizes workflows by keeping everyone in the know and encouraging more positive experiences by dealing with negative issues in the moment.  

Assisting Employees On-The-Go

The average employee who coordinating facilities, is on the go. They’re running around different rooms, checking in on amenities and making trips off-site. In that, a mobile feedback solution highly optimizes workflow. Rather than waiting to get to their desk to see issues or reports, employees can see their data on the go. Further, with a solution like Loop, they can get notified when a job is urgent and when a job is specific to their role. If they have the capacity to take it on, they can mark the job as in progress or completed right from their Android or iOs device.

Obtain Digestible Data

As previously mentioned, facility managers need to be in the know. What’s better than reactive data, than pro-active data!

Using a feedback tool, you can improve workflows with a whole host of details. This includes having insightful dashboards that display response times, the number of tickets closed, best-performing employees, and more. A solution like Loop allows you to customize dashboards and even set up subscriptions so you’re notified on a regular cadence that you define. 

Use this data to make more proactive choices like bringing on more personnel during rush hours or re-stocking the bathroom at a specific time. Regardless it ensures you’re always ahead.

Set Goals and Benchmark Success

Whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly, you have goals that need to be met. Whether that means maintaining or improving your facility, it’s important to know where you stand and the actions you can take to meet them.

With Loop, specifically, you can set actionable dashboard goals on overall happiness, request fulfillments sent, conversations started and more. Keep track of the data that matters and strategize on ways to improve. With Loop, these goals are set in your dashboard so you see them as soon as you log in.

Effortless Integrations

As a facility manager, you have a lot of different tools that help you run your facility efficiently. In doing so, you need a solution that integrates and works alongside your programs – not against them. 

Consider a solution that is easy to use and simple to integrate. It should be a seamless onboarding process with a supportive solutions team to help you every step of the way.

Maintaining and Enhancing Your Facility With The Loop Experience Platform

A measurement program can undoubtedly come with a wealth of insight to improve the management of your facility. However, getting the most out of your program depends on the tool you select. 

A seasoned solution, like the Loop Experience Platform, comes with a range of tools and features that keep you in the know and help you run your facility effortlessly.

For instance, with Loop, you can set actions for survey responses to automatically create tickets and close the loop on feedback. If someone mentions a leaky faucet in their survey, a ticket is immediately created and tagged with the relevant department for action. 

Further Loop comes with extensive reporting that can be customized to suit your unique needs. Build custom dashboards for each role and location to ensure you obtain optimal insights from each touchpoint. Select from a suite of pre-defined visualizations or create a custom panel. If you’re meeting with the team later and need to address a consistent issue, dashboards can be easily exported into PDF reports or PNGs that can be added to your PowerPoint. 

Lastly, Loop offers a range of channel types that folks can use to take and submit their survey.  Kiosks and tablets come with a sleek design and can be placed virtually anywhere, enticing users to begin their survey. In addition, online channels can be accessed via QR codes or URL links with an on-brand colour scheme and optimized interface. Regardless, if you use both online and offline with Loop you can transition customers seamlessly between channels and ensure the experience in-location and online is consistent.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your facility’s current workflow or simply obtain more insight for the future, a measurement tool is an ideal solution.

Want to learn more about Loop for Facilities Management? Click here to connect with a representative.

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