The Top 3 Benefits of Employee Engagement In Your Restaurant

Employee engagement, to put it simply, is when an employee adopts the values and vision of a business and works to ensure it is successful. It’s a new and invigorating topic in the restaurant industry – with multiple benefits to help businesses grow.

To demonstrate why you should incorporate engaging experiences, we’ve compiled the top 3 benefits of employee engagement that can help propel your business:

Employee Retention

The key to any successful business is retaining your best talent, and retaining your best talent means engaging them and ensuring they are happy at work.

According to Forbes, some of the top reasons employees leave an organization is because of a lack of vision, lack of fun, and lack of intrinsic motivation within the workplace. By making the workplace fun and engaging you foster better relationships with your employees and build their loyalty with your brand.

A popular method of engaging employee at work is the use of gamification. Gamification is a technique that introduces elements of game playing such as competition and point scoring to motivate employees.

Gamification is a big part of Benbria’s Loop Pulse™ suite, where you can promote friendly competition by providing real-time feedback on scoreboards visible to employees at the back of house. This engages them at the point of inception so they can make adjustments immediately to improve customer satisfaction.

Maximize Revenue

Your employee’s attitude at work can reflect directly on to the customer experience. Although beneficial in some ways, if they are dis-engaged and un-enthusiastic at work it can really be a detriment to your brand and bottom line.

Research conducted by Gallup shows that employee engagement plays a direct role in profitability.  They discovered that organizations with high rates of employee productivity are 22 percent more profitable than their competitors. Which means that employees who are engaged are more likely to sell more and generate greater profitability in general.

Engaging employees then is not just a benefit to the well-being of the employee but also to your bottom line.

Improve Productivity

Employees who enjoy their job and being at work want to help their business succeed. Employees who don’t understand their role in the organization and who aren’t passionate about their work won’t feel much motivation to complete their assigned tasks, let alone go above and beyond.

Organizations that have higher levels of employee engagement experience productivity rates that are up to 21 percent higher than organizations with low levels of employee engagement. Higher productivity means efficient service that produces the best possible results, which is ideal for any business looking to excel at customer service.

Your employees should feel excited about coming into work and consistently strive to do their best. Engaging your employees is a great way to retain them, maximize revenues, influence more positive customer reviews, and improve productivity.

What are your strategies for increasing employee engagement? Let us know in the comments, or on LinkedInFacebook, or Twitter.


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