3 Key Touchpoints to Automate Feedback Using Tripleseat

When working with restaurants, event spaces, hotels and catering companies, it’s not just about the event itself that makes or breaks the relationship. It’s about the entire experience from initial connection to closing out the event. Collecting feedback through key touchpoints during the event planning journey will not only help you better understand your customer, but allow you to recover missed opportunities. Using the Loop Experience Platform and the integration with Tripleseat, collect automate feedback through streamlined workflows that increase team efficiency and give you the data that you need to make business decisions.

Here are 3 Key Touchpoints to Deploy an Automated Feedback Survey in the Tripleseat workflow:



What happens when a lead reaches out to you through the Tripleseat form and shows an interest in running an event at your facility? How well are your sales processes working to turn that lead into an opportunity? After 5 days, do you want to better understand what that lead’s experience has been so far? Take this pre-sales opportunity to reach out to the prospect and ask them how their experience with you so far has been. Whether it’s to evaluate your sales process, or to ensure no leads get missed, this is a meaningful way to recover at risk leads and develop more sales opportunities from your inbound requests.

See an example Pre-Sales survey using Loop.


Post Sale


You’ve won the business, congratulations! Do you want to know why they selected you? Was it your location? Food? Amenities? Price? Take this opportunity to connect with your new client and discover how they made their selection so you can better replicate that to new opportunities. This will help you target your ideal buyer persona in the right way to replicate the sales process.


So, things didn’t work out. Not the outcome you were hoping for. More importantly do you know why the opportunity didn’t they work out? This is the ideal time to reach out to that prospect and get their feedback. You could uncover things like pricing issues, training opportunities, improvements to your venue and so much more, to improve your processes and increase your win rate.

See an example Post-Sales Survey using Loop.

Venue and Event


The event is booked and ready to go! This is the time to connect with your customer to understand any needs they may have leading up to their event, and give them the opportunity to provide feedback on working with you so far. This is a key touchpoint in the sales process that allows you to better know your customer and continue to build a relationship with them. By giving your customers a voice throughout the process, you improve customer loyalty, reduce churn and in turn, increase revenue. The feedback that you receive at that point can help improve both your internal workflows and customer-facing experiences.

See an example of a Pre-Event Survey using Loop.

Post Event

The event has concluded, now how did you do? This is the most popular time to get feedback from your customers to find out what they liked and didn’t like about their experience with you. Was the food good? The venue was clean? Was the ambiance appropriate? Was the staff friendly? Would you recommend us to a friend? You can select some key categories to measure Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort and Net Promoter scores and find out how you can increase overall customer experience and reward your staff for areas they excelled in.

See an example Post-Event survey using Loop.


What impression of your brand are you leaving clients and prospects with? Your website is a key driving to your marketing strategy, both educating clients and promoting your brand. So how do you promote voice of the customer on your digital channels? For the websites, this may include feedback about how effective your website is. Are they able to find all the information they need about what you offer? Can they easily find the booking form to reach out to you? Use the Loop web channel for an inline embeddable survey on your website and collect feedback on this key touchpoint in the customer journey.

Final Thoughts

Using automation not only makes collecting feedback easier, but helps you ask the right questions at the right time during the customer journey. You will get more accurate responses about the sales process, directly after a booking, than you would at the conclusion of an event when the customer is thinking about many other things. Delivering the right content in the right context will give your data more meaning and help you to better increase customer loyalty, create operational efficiencies and improve retention and reputation.

Find out how we can set up automated survey collection using your Tripleseat integration today!

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