February 1, 2018
Omni-channel guest experience restaurant
With the introduction of review sites and social channels, restaurants have become even more focused on the customer experience and driving loyalty through exceptional service. It’s important to find ways to ensure a positive brand experience so you not only deter negative feedback online, but also drive repeat business that maximizes your restaurant’s revenue. In...
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The Loop® Knowledge Base is your one stop library for a wealth of information on everything Loop. Whether you are a new user or a long time client, it’s a great resource to sharpen your skills and achieve optimal results within your program. The Loop Knowledge Base allows you to search any questions you may...
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Hotel Messaging
Over the years, texting and mobile guest engagement solutions have taken multiple industries by storm, including hospitality – allowing employees to effectively communicate and build loyalty from guests. This is important for the IT professional, as texting and messaging options ease operations by providing a seamless opportunity for guests to connect with team members. Further,...
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