Tips and Tools: Sending Invitations to Your Guests with Loop


You already know your guests can use Loop to get in contact with you at any time while they’re on your property, but did you also know that you can make the first move and invite them to use Loop during their stay?

There are several benefits to doing so.

First: Invitations tend to result in up to 30% more messages than relying on traditional on-site marketing. Sending guests a message before they arrive — or shortly after check-in — to let them know they can get in touch with you is a proactive way to engage with them. If you take the opportunity to welcome them and invite them to request anything during their stay, they’ll be more likely to contact you directly using Loop.

Bonus Tip: Loop has multiple invitation templates. You can use them to not only invite guests to connect with you, but also to let them know about special offers, promotions, or services that might be of interest to them during their stay.

Second: You’re probably handing out Loop business cards at check-in and have signage in your lobby, elevators, and guest rooms to let your clientele know about Loop. However, invitations are a good way to generate awareness in addition to collateral. With signage, guests might make a note of Loop, but forget to use it later; by sending invitations, they can reference the email or text message and simply click the included link to start a conversation with you.

Third: Because invitations are sent through email or SMS, they open a channel of communication on your guests’ phones that can be accessed anywhere during their stay. That means they can still send you messages even if they’re off the property exploring the area or at an important business meeting. Maybe they forgot to ask for more shampoo before they left on a walking tour of the city. They can easily request more while they’re out and about, giving your staff the opportunity to stock up before they get back and you the ability to let them know that their request has been fulfilled.

Sending an invitation is simple. In the Loop back-end, select Invitation from the sidebar on the left, choose the template you want to send, add the contact information either manually or by importing a .CSV file, and hit send.

Have you tried inviting your guests to use Loop? What were the results? Let us know in the comments, or tweet it to us @Benbria.

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