See What’s New: Loop 4.31 Release

Release of Loop 4.31 focused on the addition of new features. This includes a new type of action designed to notify users upon receiving survey responses that are most relevant to them and a ticket status setting that will support ticket exclusion workflows. Additional enhancements were made to exclusion workflows within the platform allowing users organize and filter their data more effectively.

New Features

Survey Response Email Notifications

Users can now configure an action that will automatically send an email notification to a list of recipients when a new survey response is received that matches a set of customizable conditions. Whether you’re waiting on critical feedback or eager to stay updated on specific responses, this feature puts you in control. Define conditions like specific answers to questions or the presence of respondent contact information, and Loop will notify you when an incoming response satisfies them. The email that gets sent is entirely customizable, offering you complete control over notifications.

Exclusion Ticket Status

In Loop 360, administrative users will now have the ability to designate specific ticket statuses as “excluded”. Tickets that are assigned this status will then be filtered out of reporting data. This will streamline your view and focusing your attention on only what is relevant to your organization. This setting can be configured by account owners from Settings area in Loop 360.


Feature Enhancements

Enhanced Exclusion Workflows

Enhancements have been made to the workflow of excluding survey responses, conversations, and tickets in Loop 360. As conversations and tickets can be generated by survey responses via Survey Project Actions, excluding the root survey response will now automatically exclude the associated conversation and/or ticket. These workflow enhancements will allow you to save time and ensure that all items that should be excluded are properly accounted for.

Product Enhancements

With Release 4.31 comes a variety of product enhancements and improvements. These items were implemented to enhance general usability resulting in a more seamless experience than ever before.


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