How The Loop Experience Platform Can Aid Hotels In Providing a Risk-Free Stay

For hotels, a lot has changed in the span of a year. Today there are more operational demands, in addition to health and safety requirements that must be abided by in order to appease guests and generate greater loyalty. 

Thankfully, with the Loop Experience Platform hotels can feel more at ease by leveraging a suite of robust contactless messaging and measurement tools, in addition to providing valuable analytics that can alter the customer experience for a more comfortable and risk-free stay.

In this blog, we’re breaking down the top 5 ways hotels can leverage the Loop Experience Platform to enhance their guest experience and keep safety top of mind.

Contactless Guest Messaging

As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, contactless messaging has become the backbone of business communication. Allowing hotels to keep in touch with guests through their personal devices or a kiosk, without physical contact. This is an easy and effective way for hotels to fortify guest relationships, risk-free.

With the Loop Experience Platform, contactless messaging is taken to the next level. Offering omnichannel capabilities, hotels can leverage Loop to access a suite of contactless guest preferred channels like SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. Having access to these multiple channels provides hotels with greater reach and can help start the engagement process on channels guests are already using. What’s more, offering contactless options minimizes risk and creates a positive, tailored first impression that can increase conversation and upsells throughout their stay.

Lastly, with Loop’s contactless capabilities, hotels can engage and respond in real-time to customer conversations in one shared inbox without having to toggle through different site windows or tabs. This saves your hotel staff time and ensures the guest gets their answer fast and effectively.

Frictionless and Tailored Guest Experiences

According to a report conducted by Demand Gen, customers who receive personalized offers are 20 percent more likely to purchase than those who don’t. For years, personalization has been leveraged as a beneficial tactic to boost bottom lines and build stronger relationships with guests. 

With the Loop Experience Platform, tailored experiences can be delivered by leveraging a suite of guest analytics and in-conversation data. Capturing qualities like guest sentiment, popular menu items, previous amenity visits, past experience ratings, and so on, hotels can understand customer motives and tailor the experience every visit.  

For instance, with Loop, if you have a recurring guest who always orders room service the night they arrive, using the sophisticated Platform, teams can note that trend with the guest conversation. The next time the guest arrives and checks in, the concierge can ask the customer if they’d like to schedule room service at their usual time. This not only impresses the guest with a tailored experience but it also streamlines operations; as the guest no longer has to call, and the kitchen is well prepared for the order. 

Using Loop, the hotel has a proper understanding of preferences and can make more informed decisions on what to recommend, how to communicate, and what kind of service they should offer in order to provide a personalized experience that impresses.

Automated Guest Requests

Automate guest requests with Loop OnDemand. With the Loop Experience Platform, hotels can simplify operations by allowing guests to order food, services and products to their room from their own personal device. Not only does this coincide with new contactless preferences, but it also eases operations. 

For instance, let’s say a guest has back issues, and requires extra pillows during their stay. Instead of a guest looking for a number to call and dialing from a phone, or heading to reception and asking an employee, the guest can use their own personal device, access the Loop OnDemand menu, and request a pillow in a matter of seconds. With Loop, the request immediately gets routed to the appropriate team member using Natural Language Processing, and the team member can update the request to “In Progress” or “Complete” for full visibility. Once the task has been completed, the hotel now has data from the request such as time to finalize the request, level of service, and the type of request, that they can use to further improve operations in the long-run.

As a bonus to improve service efficiency, using the Loop platform, all requests are logged electronically, so no request is left behind or lost. If at any point a request isn’t fulfilled by a team member, Loop has accountability preferences, so team leads and management can identify issues and resolve them in-the-moment.

Contactless Feedback

For hoteliers obtaining feedback is essential to providing an exceptional customer experience. Using surveys and asking customers for comments can help hotels understand overall operations, employee performance, cleanliness, amenity service, and more, all to build loyalty and recover those at risk in-the-moment. 

With the Loop Experience Platform, you can build a custom feedback survey using an array of question types such as pick lists, multiple-choice, and sentiment scales. What’s more, you can minimize risk and provide those surveys on the guest’s contactless medium of choice such as, on-site kiosk, their mobile phone, or a QR code on the bottom of a receipt. By offering surveys at critical touch-points guests are more inclined to provide feedback and you can obtain a more holistic view of their experience. 

Further, utilizing the Loop Experience Platform, you can customize periods of time including hourly, daily, monthly, or at a customized date range, in order to track short-term and long-term service goals. Feedback is always captured in-the-moment and any comments that require immediate attention are automatically routed to the correct team member.

Effective Internal Communication

For hotels, effective internal communication is critical to running a smooth and successful business. It’s no secret that behind the scenes there are a lot of moving parts that require attention. 

With the Loop platform, you can minimize risk and streamline operations by encouraging contactless internal collaboration across the property. Using Loop employees can make internal notes throughout guest conversations for others to reference, in addition to tagging and auto-routing to specific departments and individuals for immediate attention. This increases employee conversation from the comfort of one’s designated work zone and ensures all guests are tended to in a timely manner. 

What’s more, with the Loop Experience Platform, management can see performance metrics in customized dashboards – allowing for better training and operational visibility. With this, you can see top-performing employees, low performing employees, rush hours, low service periods, and more, to consistently improve hotel operations. 


For more information on the Loop Experience Platform and its capabilities, click here to contact a member of our team.

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