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Manage Events + Customer Experience Together

Benbria’s Loop Experience Platform  and Tripleseat’s Catering and Event Management Platform provides a seamless integration combines event management along with customer experience.

Learn More About the Integration

Tripleseat is a catering and event management web-based platform for restaurants, hotels, and unique venues that will increase sales and streamline the booking process.

Streamline and host successful events through event booking and planning on one platform for the entire team. With a centralized bookings calendar, automatic tasks for you team and guests, payment methods and past insights to drive future sales, Tripleseat makes event planning simple. 

Tripleseat simplifies the group sales process for hotels, with an integrated CRM, Guest Room Control, this all-in-one platform will help increase group sales without increasing your workload. 

With The Loop Experience Platform, manage guest feedback at events including pre-event, during-event and post-event by collecting guest feedback, measuring the guest experience at each moment of truth by engaging with guests on the channel of their choice. Guest experience data collected will be conveniently available with Tripleseat, allowing users to understand guest sentiment and voice of guest at a glance, as part of the guest profile. 

With the Loop Experience Platforms solutions for Hospitality have the ability to collect feedback and messaging with hotel guests in real time. Integrating with the top hospitality applications, Loop is a natural addition to any hotel’s tech stack to improve the guest experience from booking to check-out. 

Managing events at a restaurant can be a challenge. The Loop Experience Platform restaurant solutions allows you to engage guests in the moment and resolve issues before they become negative online reviews damaging your reputation. Gain repeat customers through guest loyalty by actioning feedback in real time. 

Manage What You Can Measure

Leverage industry-standard methodologies to measure the customer experience, reduce churn, increase revenue and achieve greater customer loyalty.

Net Promoter Score

Measure loyalty using NPS surveys by location post-events.

Customer Satisfaction Score

Measure guest satisfaction using CSAT surveys to evaluate food, service, entertainment etc. from events.


Collect comments or suggestions at any point during the guest journey.

Close the Loop

Close the loop by following up and actioning feedback, resolving issues in real time.


Analyze the data collected in custom dashboards to make improvements for future events.

Why an Integrated Solution?

The Loop Experience Platform and Tripleseat: Better Together

Manage the Experience

Manage the guest experience at events; before during and after as it relates to loyalty satisfaction and effort.

Collect Data

Collect data to gain visibility into how to improve and streamline events

Personalized Experience

Provide personalized experiences by engaging guests through their event journey

Real Time Insights

Gather insights and identify problems and resolve them quickly with real time data collection

Workflow Efficiencies

Create workflows that will automate collection and engagement for increased efficiencies. 


Collect feedback through multiple channels including web, kiosk, SMS and email. 

How It Works


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