CX Dictionary

What is Omni-channel?

Omni-channel is a strategy focused on delivering a consistent customer experience across multiple touchpoints.  It involves the delivery of consistent and reliable experiences from customers whether it be in-person, on-site, online, or through multiple communication channels like SMS Text, Facebook Messenger, Email, WhatsApp, and more. It allows a business to  seamlessly connect with customers and increase both business engagement and loyalty.

Omni-channel is heavily evident in multiple verticals, however, it is noted for its presence in the retail and financial sectors. Omni-channel is highly praised for making communication simple and customer-centric.

Why Is Omni-Channel Important?

An omni-channel program provides a pristine and consistent brand experience for the modern shopper. In addition, it opens up multiple avenues for customers to start a conversation, increasing satisfaction with businesses and expanding reach online and off.