Real Time Messaging

Faster Response Times

Decrease the amount of time it takes to respond to customer inquiries, regardless of the channel they choose to message you on. Engage the online shopper in the moment of truth and schedule a showroom appointment. Increase the level of customer engagement beyond simply filling out a form and move towards building a longer-term connection with the customer.

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Better Service Reviews

Recover at Risk Customers

Gain knowledge of any service-related issues and recover at-risk customers, before they express their dissatisfaction elsewhere. Send in-moment surveys to measure the experience and recover at-risk customers in real-time. Customer issues can be heard and resolved promptly before reaching social channels, increasing the likelihood to return.

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Understand the Customer Experience

Improved Service Delivery

Collect feedback from various locations and better understand customer preferences to tailor and improve your service offering. Promote continuous self-improvement tied to customer service goals and create a customer-first culture. Access rich reporting tools to understand areas to improve the customer experience, and engage your team with the focused training and support they need to improve.

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Automotive Omni-Channel Ebook

Delivering an Omni-channel Customer Experience for Automotive Dealerships

Today’s customers want an array of messaging options that go further than SMS text and email. This means that in order to win customer loyalty and maximize revenue, your dealership should be delivering an omni-channel customer experience.


Complete Solutions For The Customer-Centric Businesses

The Loop Experience Platform helps to deliver a better overall service experience, can help improve your survey scores, and supports stronger customer relationships to increase loyalty.

Target Customers

Collect specific feedback from key customer segments related to products and services to grow revenues, or simply engage with offers and promotions.

Measure Customer Loyalty

Inquire about your customer’s experience with timely post-sale or service NPS surveys- providing timely insights to improve service and customer loyalty.

Capture the Online Shopper

Bring more customers into your dealership by engaging them through online channels like Facebook and Twitter using a single unified platform.

Maintain Relationships

Connect with customers on their terms using their channel of choice to create a strong relationship with which they can easily communicate with you and stay engaged. 

More Efficient Operations

Coordinate appointments and services with customers across multiple channels and immediately connect your teams and departments to assist and respond. 

Build a Productive Team

Get timely feedback on team members in terms of service delivery. Use feedback to engage your team with a focus on training to improve productivity and service quality.

“With Loop, it’s allowed us an additional opportunity to connect to our customers, gain the insights we need to understand their experience throughout their journey and to improve the areas that matter most to them and further build their loyalty.”

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A Solution For Your Unique Requirements

The Loop Experience Platform Offers Flexibility for Your Unique Needs

Have the flexibility and agility to manage how you collect data and respond to feedback. With the Loop Experienc Platform, you have the freedom to deploy a program that best meets your needs.  

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Real Time Messaging

Improve Customer Experience Through Real Time Contactless Communication

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