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Loop 4.2 Release

See What’s New: Loop 4.31 Release

Release 4.22 focused on the addition of new features designed with the purpose of enhancing administrative workflows in Loop. The introduction of single sign on will allow for a more secure and convenient login method for users in Loop.
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5 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Dashboard Reporting

In the fast-paced world of business, understanding and enhancing customer experience (CX) is paramount to success. As companies strive to meet ever-evolving customer expectations, the role of data-driven insights cannot be overstated. Among the arsenal of analytical tools available, dashboard reporting stands out as a cornerstone for effective CX analysis. In this blog post we...
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7 Reasons to Prioritize Student Feedback in Your Campus Bookstore

As the heartbeat of academic life, the campus bookstore plays a pivotal role in supporting students’ educational journeys. Beyond just a place to purchase textbooks, it serves as a central hub where students gather resources, seek study aids, and even find a sense of community. In the pursuit of enhancing this vital space, one key...
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