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Web Messenger is an integration on your website that allows customers to message you directly from your website. This is often see as a popup in the bottom corner of a screen prompting customers to reach out. This gives you direct line on your website to customers and is a great way to answer questions and improve a customer’s experience.

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Automate Answers

Customers often ask very similar questions when messaging a company directly (ex: “What are your hours of operation”). Instead of having a customer service representative answering the same questions, you can set up automated responses to common questions. This will help save your team time while keeping a positive outlook from customers. Integrations will also allow for customer service reps to take over if they feel that the customer is asking a more direct question or something they don’t have an automatic response set to. 

Web Messenger Surveys

Loop® supports a variety of question and survey types to help you measure the customer experience and identify problems and opportunities including Smileys, Thumbs, 5-Star, NPS®, CSAT, CES, and more. The surveys can be sent out through messaging by sending a survey to an individual after you have answered their questions, asking to rate your service to help gauge your Customer Effort Score

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Integrating Loop with the Web Channel

Loop Messaging® allows for easy integration with your web channel allowing you to easily keep track of multi-platform messages from one location. It also allows conversations to be escalated when necessary to a different department or upper management to handle complicated customer complaints. With Loop Inbox you can also collect data about conversations, such as response time, and can be reported back on to track KPI’s and customer service goals. 

Key Features

Cost Effective

There are many low cost messaging integrations, including a free Facebook Messenger integration for your website. 


Easily able to integrate with other marketing and software tools to ensure a comprehensive branding kit. 

Links Within Website

Easily directly link customer inquiries to pages on your website for more information about a particular topic.

Multiple Languages

Most messaging integrations can support multiple languages to help you converse with your customers around the world.


When replying to customer inquiries, it is easy to make the messages personalized and answer any questions directly. 

Real Time

Customers message  directly from the website and remain until they receive a response, allowing for real time conversations and quick solutions. 

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