Loop Scoreboard

Real-Time Scoreboards Help Motivate Frontline Employees and Improve Operations

Today, the majority of customer experience programs focus on providing managers and executives with data to make strategic decisions. However, frontline employees need data too.

Loop Scoreboard with Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) related to Food, Service, Speed and Cleanliness

Measure What You Manage and Make It Known by All Employees

The cost of training is directly related to the size of the organization and turnover. Make customer experience data related to loyalty, satisfaction and effort, part of your overall culture to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

Location Based

Share Customer Experience Data in Real-Time and Close-the-Loop Faster

Today, a number of customer experience solutions offer nightly data uploads resulting in a significant delay of data collection, interpretation and action. With Loop, you can share feedback in real-time and recover customers in-the-moment. Scoreboards are great for streaming live customer feedback each shift resulting in higher employee productivity and reduced customer churn.

Key Features

Everything That You Need to Motivate Frontline Employees and Manage Your Scoreboards

Overall Daily Score

Summarize your overall loyalty, satisfaction and effort scores by day to ensure that frontline employees can make an impact on today’s metrics.


Stream customer experience data onto scoreboards based on a single location or multiple locations. Obtain a national summary of today’s results for your corporate headquarters.


Stream customer experience data to frontline employees in real-time to ensure they can take immediate action to increase revenues, improve operations and reduce churn.

Multiple Layouts

Select and customize the layout to meet your needs and ensure that your frontline employees have access to simple metrics each shift.

Mobile Device Management

Have your device fully or partially managed by our team to ensure your CX program is always up and running.

Flexible Hardware Options

Select from multiple, low-cost hardware options from leading companies. Our hardware options work well in operational environments.

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Loop Scoreboard Is a Great Addition to Loop CX for Motivating Frontline Employees in-Location

Deliver a better customer experience

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Customer Feedback

With Loop CX, survey responses are pushed directly into the inbox for rapid response and action resulting in a better customer experience. The inbox helps increase response times and action by allowing your team to respond to customers on their preferred channel.